Master Mind Training: Self-Hypnosis; Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Mind-1 Day





"It’s like finally getting the “Owner’s Manual” to your own mind."

Master Mind Training: Self-Hypnosis; Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Mind-1 Day Workshop

In this life-changing experiential workshop, you will explore your unconscious mind and learn powerful techniques for tapping into its unlimited potential to CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT. Tools for rewiring unwanted reactions and for harnessing your mind’s natural creative forces will be explained and practiced.

Want to discover ways to have a happier, healthier you?

This workshop is for you!

Your current reality is the cumulative result of your habits of thoughts, feelings and behaviors. When you think something often enough, it becomes a belief; often a hidden belief, that you no longer even realize that you have. They have become “automatic”. These automatic habits are fine-until they are no longer working for your benefit and become obstacles to a happy life.

For some of us, our automatic habits of thought, feeling and behaviors seem to be running our lives and we “react” in ways we wish we could change. Stress, anxiety, discouragement, self-limiting beliefs and self-defeating behaviors have become the norm. Just about everyone has something they wish they could do differently.

If you could change anything, what would you change about yourself?

This workshop will teach you to explore and adjust those automatic habits right where they began, and right where they live: in your creative unconscious mind.

Using proven tools of the most contemporary neuroscience, such as meditation, mindfulness and hypnosis, you will learn how to re-wire your own mind to better:

Reduce anxiety, sadness and unproductive stress.

Breakthrough states of “stuck-ness”.

Improve resiliency and control in handling difficult emotions.

Develop connections to your own powerful, positive internal resources and harness them to create more success, motivation, focus, optimism, and confidence in your life.

Change unwanted thoughts, feelings or behaviors easily and permanently.

Improve relationships with self, family, friends, clients, peers.

Clarify your purpose, passion and deepest values.

“Ready for Change?... Change Your Mind, Your Life Will Follow”

Held at : Touchstone Studios,[masked]th Street North, St. Petersburg, Florida. You can register here or email us at [masked] .

$100.00 per person. $25.00 OFF 2 or more registrations, or $25.00 OFF Military/Family Members.

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