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Laws of the Mind-Hypnosis and Life Mastery

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What if...whatever you are experiencing in your life...,in any domain; finances, career, home life, intimacy, socially, spiritually, whatever-is the outcome of your thinking. Right, wrong or indifferent...whether it makes you happy, sad, mad or glad...No matter what has happened to you. No matter the circumstances of your life...

What if... your thinking makes it so...and keeps it so....

And what learning a few simple rules about your mind, you could change your thinking, thereby changing your experiences in life.

We’ll be discussing what are known in the hypnotic arts as the “Laws of the Mind” with group demonstrations of their application and an optional trance to apply them in your own life.

Please note: this presentation may be video recorded though great effort is made to NOT INCLUDE ANY PARTICIPANTS in the recording.