Smoking Cessation with Hypnosis-Session 1

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There are many ways to quit smoking, and many reasons someone fails at quitting. A part of you wants to quit but it is hard, after all, smoking is an "addiction".

But nicotine is only a small part of the problem. If nicotine was the problem, nicotine replacement would be the solution, but it is not.

Smoking is a behavioral addiction as much as anything else, and an extremely costly addiction at that.

You don’t have to “white knuckle”or "willpower" your way through it. You don’t have to spend the rest of your life “missing it”, and you certainly do not have to gain weight.

The goal is to be smoke free and love it, isn’t it? What would it be like if you could be?

Well, don’t quit quitting because it’s never too late, and never too soon, to quit for good.

Smart people learn from their past mistakes, and seek new skills or tools to accomplish goals. Good thing you did not give up learning to walk over a few falls!

Have you ever wondered if hypnosis might help make it easy and automatic? The simple answer is, “yes”.

We combine evidence based cognitive-behavioral approaches with modern hypnotic approaches to end the your desire to smoke, automatically and permanently.

This is a little more time consuming than a pill, but the outcomes are broader and more cost effective. Side-effects include reduced stress, improved sleep, and a better sense of self-control. Better medical outcomes and improved overall quality of life are common.

The "Smoking Cessation with Hypnosis" consists of 2, 2-hour group sessions, 2 weeks apart . There is an introductory session (introduction to hypnosis, self-hypnosis, and enhancing motivation, establishing a quit plan, held 1/20/19) and a quit date session (2/3/19). Reinforcement recordings are included.

We want you to be successful, that's how a good business grows, and we stand behind what we offer. The cost of the entire program is[masked], which may be reimbursed by some medical plans, and you are free to take it a again within a year, should you relapse.

Email us at [masked] to register.