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Game Night: The Strange Realms
Friday night gaming at "The Strange Realms" 4119 Gunn Hwy #24, Tampa, Florida 33618 The store does not face Gunn Hwy. The store is towards the back of the long strip of shops. Look for the purple door with a dragon on it and there's a sign hanging in the window. The store has a big round table and 6 smaller rectangular tables that can be pushed together if the need arises. If you get hungry or thirsty the store has snacks, soda and water available for purchase. To celebrate the successful kickstarter for the new Digital Blood Rage, we'll be playing Blood Rage with my completely painted set of Blood Rage minis. Of course we'll have other games if slaughtering your enemies is not your thing. Or if you've got something you'd like to play please bring it along.

The Strange Realms

4119 GUNN HWY #24 · TAMPA, fl

What we're about

Our group is a chapter of the Society for the Worldwide Exploration of Extraordinary Play. We're focused on bringing new ways to play to seekers of fun in the Tampa Area.

Boardgames have experienced a dramatic Renaissance in the last few decades. Believe it or not, game technology has demonstrated remarkable innovation and change since the days of our grandparents. While very few people are listening to their ancestors' old wax records, many people are still playing their grandparents' parlor games.

Building on those ancient roots, modern boardgames have evolved. Game designers are making games that play in ways that our grandparents probably never imagined. Every game can be an exploration into a whole new world of play.

When you join us, you'll participate in exploring the new ways to play that are being invented by the fantastic game designers of the 21st century.

Play can come in many forms. For most people, play is a state of mind in which activities are chosen for fun, and for no other real purpose.

Playing games specifically can be a very social exercise, and it is one of the reasons we get together to play. We want to share our time and space and be in the presence of other explorers of play.

Our event organizers will be prepared to teach new games to the attendees at each event, and will always have new games, many of which you may have never seen before.

And - if you have a game you simply LOVE to play, bring it with you, and we'll play it with you. We play pretty much everything, from party games to abstracts to strategy games, and we're always willing to try something new!

We look forward to exploring new ways to play with you!

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