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Tandem Coaching Academy is a collaborative effort of like-minded Agile and Professional coaches, trainers, and educators to bring you the best variety of agile classes and workshops as well as mentoring, and coaching opportunities at prices you can afford.

Our dream is to keep Agile non-denominational. What it means for us is that we don't try to convince you to join any certain group of people doing certain things. What we want for you is what is best for you and your clients. We strive to create an Agile world where you can pick and choose the things you need for your learning and your success. And our promise to you is to leave you better than we found you with each encounter.



ICF ACTP Coaching in Agile Environments (https://tandemcoaching.academy/actp)

Scrum Alliance A-CSM and CSP-SM Courses (https://tandemcoaching.academy/acsm)

Scrum.org Professional Scrum Courses (https://tandemcoaching.academy/classes/)

Kanban University Courses (https://tandemcoaching.academy/classes/)

ICAgile Agile Courses (https://tandemcoaching.academy/classes/)

Professional Coaching (https://tandemcoaching.academy/get-coaching)


Cherie Silas, MCC, CEC - Founder and Head Coach (https://tandemcoaching.academy/cherie-silas)

Alex Kudinov, PCC, PST, CEC, AKT (https://tandemcoaching.academy/alex-kudinov)

Lucia Baldelli, CEC, PCC (https://tandemcoaching.academy/lucia-baldelli)

Aanu Gopald, CTC

Raquel Silva, CTC

Matt Kirilov, CSP

Karen Bruns, CSP

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Arushi Bhardwaj - Coding Dojo

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Coaching Circles

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Coaching Circles

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