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What we’re about

Hello, folks!

This message is to let you know that public monthly group Tango classes taught by myself, Alec Marken, are not currently being held, due to changes in my schedule.  Big thanks to all who have come out to classes in the past, since I started Tango OC!  I am maintaining this Meetup group to provide you a way to reach me for private instruction.  Please contact me for private lessons, performance, booking, or special events!
ALEC: 949-370-0523 MOBILE
And remember, you can learn to Swing dance from an expert, book a private lesson with me!  All info here:­
Alec is available for private lessons, and for booking as a teacher at special events such as weddings, parties, festivals...whatever you have in mind!

All the best!   ~Alec :)

Original "About Us":
Tango is the "dance of the heart". Tango is a physical conversation between leader and follower. To dance well requires connecting with your partner.
Learning to dance the Tango can seem intimidating but not with Alec as your instructor. The key to dancing well is to learn the basics, which are easy steps (if you can walk, you have the ability to tango), and to master them - i.e. learn them well enough so you don't have to think too much when you do them. This is a simple thing, but not so easy for most people because most of us tend to think too much. Tango is more about the connection, less about the steps, or thinking about the steps. It is only when you get to the point when you don't have to think too hard that, ahhhhh, that is when the tango "magic" happens. Once you experience that magic, you will fall irrevocably in love with Tango. Tango OC is one of the best places to learn the art of Tango in Southern California.
Tango is FUN no matter what level you are at.
Our group comes from several other groups so if the attendance number looks low don’t think that that is all that will be there. Also if you have a partner great, if not come anyways, single dancers are welcome, and we rotate partners!

We at Tango OC look forward to seeing you on the floor!