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Clitorious & Spiritual Awakening Both for the Female n Male!
Hello Tantra-Kundalini Meditators Seekers: Evening of Love n Trust -Respecting- Giving & Honoring Each Other! >>No partner is necessary for the workshop, you'll meet other singles! >>Yes, there will be a gender mix of both male/females Guaranteed~ >>There is a special discount for early Reg., before the 15th of Dec.~ >>Will be a Tantra 1-2-3 type workshop of sensual energy~ Sacred Pelvic Healing & Erogenous Massage -- Reclaim Your Sacred Feminine & Masculine Radiance~ Through the Tantric Orgasmic Meditation Practice! It’s time to discover the massive benefits of harnessing your sexual energy & embodiment~ It is a powerful source for healing any issues around sensual & sexuality, shame, guilt or body image and for expanding your capacity for aliveness, pleasure, juiciness and full body orgasms!? These 3 hours will be informative, enlightening, empowering, and transformative! We will be sharing, engage in deep conversation, and getting to know our bodies through some practices & techniques that will be done in the exploration of ourselves & one to another!? ~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~ Benefit From This Exploration: Learn Tantra and its philosophies of Sacred Sexuality, as well as some potent exercises to cultivate connection & the vital loving energy from within!? While understanding the what , the why , the how , of the clitorious within our bodies, both for the female & the male too!! Yes, guys... you have a clitoris as well - come find out what pleasures await you, when we bring awareness to it and use it in the proper way!? Sacred Sexuality doesn’t only MATTER, it alone expresses the total alchemical design and mystery of the universe’s YIN & YANG / Shakti & Shiva -- Ebb n Flow - The Sacred Feminine & Masculine of our energetic beings! ~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~ What to bring(a must bring): - Any Pillows, Blankets, a Towel, a Yoga Mat, a Robe or cover - Anything to enhance your Experience (feathers, blindfolds, body oils, etc) - Snacks , water etc., your presence, open heart and willingness to learn~ When: Sunday Dec. 16th - Doors open at 5:30pm - 10:00pm Welcome Circle at 5:45pm (nobody will be admitted after 7:oo PM) Cost Exchange: -Holiday Special- Single Men: $85 / Single Women: $35 / Couples or Paired Partners: $70 / Location Given Upon Registration & RSVP on Meet-up - This event is in partnership with & sponsors - 'Share a Meal' - Your ticket includes the workshop... and sharing a meal with a homeless person in LA & OC! -donate-sponsor-meals ~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~ Mark holds a safe & judgment-free environment, welcoming his members with an open heart & arms~ He enjoys combining Eastern & Western Tantra massage and energy techniques, and tailors each session to every individual’s particular needs! I am committed to creating a cozy space for you to surrender everything that is not serving your well being and embrace a new way of experiencing Life, being deeply present & ecstatically alive~ ~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~ Experience The Bliss Breath Exercise & Feather-light Touch Massage-- a magnificent combination Tantra technique that can release a variety of intimacy blocks including trust issues, fear of abandonment, fear of rejection, insecurity, traumas and other harmful patterns from childhood or teen or young adult years!? We are all but waves - so let us wave together in the cosmic waves - an ocean of blissful waving sensations locked in an eternal embrace!! In the Joy, Respect, Peace, Warmth, and Love ~ ~There are no strangers here, only friends you haven't yet met!? --William Butler Yeats Light & Love to you, and many blessings~ Namaste` The Organizers of -- T.A.O.

Must RSVP First & Pre-pay to attend~

You will receive location to venue once RSVP & pre-paid for event -- · Long Beach, CA

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    Finally, a meditation that you actually want to practice!?

    We have all heard of the benefits of Tantra-Kundalini meditation: improved sleep, better concentration, less stress, lowered blood pressure and improved health. Yet, for so many the practice of meditation is difficult. After reading books, using apps, and attending informal classes, we begin to think that we are inept meditators. We’ll discuss why people struggle with their practice, misconceptions of meditation and why people are unable to make it a daily practice.

    This workshop will introduce you to Tantra-Kundalini Meditation, a time-tested, technique that quickly provides us with the results we crave. The effect is a feeling of inner wakefulness and peace while also allowing the body to rest at profound levels. It is an effortless practice that even children can do, without the headache of trying to concentrate and be mindful, without using an app or wearing special clothes. This introduction is a prerequisite to learning Tantra-Kundalini Meditation which is a one-day course (120 minutes each day) that teaches students how to easily and effectively keep a regular meditation practice. Come meet me and see if this practice and my teaching style is a good fit for you. No one is everyone's perfect fit so come and try me.

    Much Love & Light to you always,


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