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Layman's guide to Relaxation, Resilience and Mindfulness
• What we'll do Brief Talk from Eastern Wisdom - 6000 years old tradition Knowing and understanding mind, cause of suffering, and tools to manage stress , pain and suffering new practice every week sharing of experiences • What to bring commitment, be ready to go into deep meditative state beyond belief, cult, dogma, and religion It is online hangout session so you need to be there few minutes before the session online • Important to know I educate people to help manage pain, anxiety, stress, overcome addiction achieve well-being discover inner peace

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What we're about

Applied mindfulness and healthy living

a journey means you take a journey to help yourself and others in self-discovery. Meditation is part of eastern wisdom. The Eastern wisdom includes yoga, tantra, spirituality and human evolution.

Brief History

The eastern wisdom is 6000 years old. normally people call it Vedic civilization. It has 3000 teachers and 3000 texts. It has more than 5000 practices.

Every master follows the principles and philosophy of the eastern wisdom. The eastern wisdom aims at the discovery of real self or subjective reality. The science also aims at the discovery of truth bu in the outer space.

It is clear both science and eastern wisdom aims at discovery fo truth. The science discovers the truth in the outer space and makes our life comfortable, enjoyable and luxurious. But it only gives pleasures which are short lived.

The eastern wisdom discovers the truth in the inner space. It takes to a journey to Innermost self which is full of peace, happiness, wisdom, love, kindness and compassion.

Life fulfills its cherished goal of inner peace and happiness

our mind runs after the ultimate peace and happiness bu find pleasures in the outer space. When we take the mind to a journey in the inner space, it discovers inner peace and happiness. They are different from the pleasures we experience in contact with people, places, and possessions.

Meditation or Mindfulness is ultimate path to human evolution

When mind expands, it leaves its craziness, laziness, reactiveness and enters deep within. At the same time, when energy is released from unconsciousness, it is available for awakening inner potential

The eastern wisdom is a dynamic, passive, and active method of awakening, a realization, and transformation.

This group is for anyone interested in reducing anxiety, overcoming fatigue, improving the quality of sleep, and managing pain.

I am starting this group as an extension of current programs to help as many people as I can.
All skills levels are welcome anyone 18 or above. I have been teaching meditation for over 35+ years and learned from authentic masters in the Himalayas.

When we learn any practice based on the principles of eastern wisdom, we start experiencing the change in the very first session.
Science can explain the objective reality - body, breath, mind, intellect, ego, and thinker. But eastern wisdom and its principles aim at the discovery of subjective reality that is at present beyond the scope of science.
Because principles of science ( I call manuals) aims at understanding what is outside our human frame. The eastern wisdom discovers - who we are in reality - inner peace, happiness, wisdom, love, compassion and bliss.
Science should complement what eastern wisdom guides us. It should not interfere with real, genuine and authentic practices.

Let us get together for the sake of 'the change' in our lives.

You will find the following activities in our MEETUP
1. A brief talk from the principles of eastern wisdom ( i personally learned from many Himalayan masters) from authentic texts, teachers.

2. A clear understanding of the steps of a practice that we like to guide you in a MEETUP.

3. Guided practice in the simple and easy manner for the beautiful experience.

4. Sharing of experiences for progress and perfection.

5. Discussion on helpers, barriers, myths, facts, experiences, and indications 6. Guided home practice until next MEETUP

Join us and
make your entire life a celebration full of joy, happiness, bliss, and wisdom

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