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Tantra in Texas offers opportunities for those who want to develop and enjoy conscious intimate relationships and explore sacred sensuality in safe and nurturing settings.

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body rhythms and vagus nerve activation

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What if you could learn how to take care of yourself in a way that was not damaging to your health, lifestyle or relationships?

What if you could experience life from a place of being “turned on” and happy,
Even in the midst of chaos and stress?

What if you processed your stress quickly and with ease?
Imagine if you worked through your emotions in a naturally soothing fashion that left you feeling lighter, stronger and more fulfilled in life?
Imagine if you could once again feel connected to life and supported by it?

This is all possible and so much more!

Over this 3-hour experiential event you will discover:

Learn Vagus Nerve Anatomy
Vagus Nerve Link to the Parasympathetic System and “How To Hack It.”
The WellSpring of Holistic Health with Vagus Nerve
Prevent Inflammation with Vagus Nerve Toning
Reduce Anxiety, Fear, Depression with Specialized Vagus Nerve Exercises
Reduce PTSD Symptoms with Vagus Nerve Breathing and Exercises
Sexual Embodiment and Expanded Pleasure with Vagus Nerve Stimulation
Leveled Up Emotional Processing and Healing Through Vagus Nerve Activation and Exercises
Learn What Bioelectronics is and how it impacts your medical future.
Vagus Nerve to Access, Compassion, Love and Intuition
Learn the Simple, Powerful Vagus Nerve Stimulation Routine that can be used daily for all of this and more.

The term “vagus” is derived from the Latin word that translates to “wandering.” The Vagus nerve gained its name because of it being like no other cranial nerve. It expands (wanders) as the medical community likes to refer to it, into many areas of the body such as the neck, abdomen, chest and even down into the genitals.

The Vagus nerve is also part of the parasympathetic nervous system and is responsible for such things as: relaxation, calmness, digestion, arousal and more.

If you are suffering from: (men and women alike)

Digestion Issues
Arousal Issues
Sexual Dysfunctions
Sleep Issues
Weight Challenges
Memory Loss
Emotional Instability

Join this intensive 3-hour mastermind to learn how YOU CAN access your magical switch to relieve, stimulate and prevent all of the above with simple at home exercises and guided routines that have been crafted to help anyone who desires better health, vitality, focus, connection and more happiness.

Body Rhythms and Vagus Nerve Activation is an Experiential Seminar/workshop
You will be experiencing Vagus Nerve Body Movement Exercises, Breathwork and Toning to do at home.
There is no nudity.
This workshop is partner free.

Open to men and women.
Age 18 to 100+
Must be able to sit on the floor.
Bring cushion for seating and water/notebook.

Early Bird Pricing Till July 10th, 2021

Pre-registration is must.
Limited Seating.
Get ticket at and full details:

Annual Summer Female Orgasm Camp

8005 Greenwood Dr

August 28th 12pm-3pm
Hosted by Sex & Relationship Coach Addison Bell
Register Here: https://addisonbell.net/event/ocamp/

Ladies… so many of us struggle with finding any orgasm, might as well those orgasms that truly fill us at the physical, spiritual, and energetic level. Having sex the fast food way and leaving us walking through life feeling shut down and unfulfilled. Many women have never even realized there are deeper levels of orgasm that they can have with a few small tweaks.

Let me give you a step-by-step guide on how to tell men exactly how to please you for hours on end and leave you feeling divinely ravished.

Men… so many of you struggle with how to truly please a woman in the bedroom and how to help guide her body, mind, and energetically to that next level sexing. Most men know only what they learned watching porn. Leaving men to figure it out in a world where women aren’t communicating and they’ve been taught that fast food sex is enough.

Let me give you a step-by-step guide on how to touch your woman in all the right ways & how to touch her to get her to fully surrender into all the orgasmic waves.

REGISTER BELOW TODAY. This event sells out every year.
▪ Learn the top 3 secrets ever woman and man should know about the vagina.
▪ See how deep G- Spot Massage helps women heal trauma and feel more pleasure
▪ Discover secret tantric tips on female orgasm.
▪ Explore how to maximize clitoral stimulation and create the harvest ground for a full body orgasm in any woman.
▪ Learn how to connect, relax and create desire in under 20 minutes.

Plus get your questions answered by expert sex and relationship coach, Addison Bell.

And see a LIVE Demo.
What is Orgasm Camp all about you ask?

Will this workshop enhance my sexual skills and help me to provide the pleasure I have always wanted to give and receive?

This is the perfect workshop for couples or singles who want to learn new skills, rekindle sexual desire and fire, become a master of touch and learn how to give as well as receive fully.

Over the class period we will cover:

*Female Ejaculation
*Vaginal Massage
*Breast Massage for Orgasm
*Tantric Massage Technique
*Proper clit stimulation
*G-Spot Skills
*Deepening a Woman’s Orgasm & Full body orgasm
*The Vagina Mind Link
*The Ways a TURNED On Women Equals an Abundant Life
*Surrender practices to achieve optimal orgasm

Workshop’s Have Live Model Demo’s (NO filming or pictures allowed- no google glass or other recording devices of ANY kind) Workshop is shown with live model, all participant will remain clothed during this class. This is an educational workshop.

How much is the woman in your life (and you) worth this season?How much would you be willing to pay to learn these skill’s?

Most retreats and workshops of equal education are valued at $1990 +per person
As our gift to you we will be offering this SUMMER ORGASM CAMP at discount
Early Bird Rate (by August 7th) for $69/pp or $99/couple

Regular Rate for $89/pp or $129/couple

*Limited Space – This class always sells out quickly

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