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Self-Healing with Group Mantra Meditation: OM
All the past participants loved this experience and insisted it become a regular event! Join us for a powerful evening of Group Mantra chanting with the Mantra "OM", sometimes spelled "AUM". Here is what one recent participant had to say about the Group Mantra Meditation experience: "This was amazing! I had a great time. I've never been to a group meditation before or had too much experience with Mantra, so I was delighted by the energy experienced within the group and by the energy that built up from the mantra. " - Andrew Payne, Atlanta, GA "It was one of the most intense practice I have been to in a long time. Place is congenial and the Jeff is amazing. " - Rama Krishna, Atlanta, GA What is Mantra? Mantra is the steady repetition of a particular word or phrase, which is used as an energetic bridge to take the practitioner into an expanded state of awareness and deeper meditation. Mantra is one of the most powerful meditation techniques in the Tantra Yoga Traditions. It brings about increased focus and peace of mind. It also brings about high levels of healing energy, allowing the practice to be highly effective as a self-healing and transformational tool. Why Group Mantra Meditation? Group chanting magnifies the healing and transformational power for each individual and the group as a whole. It is also a chance to connect in community with like-minded people The evening will be broken into two sections: 1) It is requested that all first time participants arrive by 7:00pm. At 7:00pm, there will be an introduction to the Practice of Mantra and the significance of the Mantra OM. You will also receive a hand-out outlining the material as well as the ways to take this home as a personal meditation practice. Previous attendees are also welcome to come and review the introduction or participate with a guest. 2) At 8:00pm, previous participants for the formal Group Mantra Meditation will begin to arrive and we will try to begin the experience no later than 8:10pm. The Group Mantra Meditation will begin with a guided meditation to take you deeper into a relaxed state of body and mind. The group will then recite the Mantra OM the traditional 108 times. This will be followed by a brief period of silence and then a guided experience of deeper Tantric connection within the group. (approximately 45 minutes total) After the meditation period there will be time for questions and sharing. When we are officially concluded, people are welcome to greet and connect with other members of the group 30-60 minutes past the listed ending time. Additional Event details The location of this event will be in a private group workshop space near the intersection of Sheridan Road and Cheshire bridge road close to the I-85 exit at Cheshire Bridge. This event is open to anyone regardless of previous Tantra Yoga or Yoga Experience. You are encouraged to invite and bring interested friends and family members. No payment is required to attend, but a suggested Love Offering of $10-$20 per person would be appreciated to help cover the costs of the group space. The ending time is approximate and may end sooner or later depending upon the flow of events and the number of questions. To see this same listing on Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga's Website, visit: http://www.atlantasch... (

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Discover all the ways that Tantra Yoga can help you live a fuller, more joyful life. Explore and experience your deeper Nature as an aspect of the Divine. Discover the link between Sexuality and Spirit and use it for your own transformation. Learn more about Sacred Sexuality. Free yourself to experience greater levels of pleasure, ecstasy and joy! Awaken and free your inner passions and personal power. Break through obstacles and learn tools to more consciously direct your life. Elevate your current Yoga practice into a Path of Personal Transformation and Empowerment. Through various community Events, classes and workshops, we will explore many tools and aspects of Tantra Yoga as a path of Personal Growth and Spiritual Transformation. We will educate and lay strong foundations for understanding Tantra Yoga and how it can benefit you and transform your life. We will work with Energy Healing and clearing tools such as Reiki and advanced Energy Healing techniques, Tantric Breathwork, Tantric bodywork, Sacred Sexuality and Tantric Hatha Yoga practices. We will also offer community healing events such as Reiki and Energy Healing Circles, group Meditations, and Sacred Sexuality evenings. I look forward to connecting with you on your path of Growth and Transformation! Namaste, Jeff Craft About Me: My name is Jeff Craft and I have formally studied and practiced Tantra Yoga as a Spiritual Path for over 10 years. I am also a Registered Advanced Level Yoga teacher, recieving my training in Tantric Hatha Yoga lineages related to the Bihar School of Yoga in India, and in PranaKriya Yoga which evolved out of the Kripalu Yoga tradition. My own spiritual explorations began in 1990, leading me along a path of healing and transformation which includes being a Licensed Massage Therapist (since 1997) and becoming both a Reiki Master (1997) and a Karuna Ki Master level Teacher. (1999) I integrate a wide variety of energetic healing and bodywork tools into my work with the Tantra Yogic Path. My areas of related study include a wide variety of Yoga Practices and the deeper spiritual philosophies from the Tantric traditions of Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga and the Non-Dual philosophies of Advaita Vedanta and Kashmir Shaivism. A Note about location: Reiki Circles and Reiki Training classes will be held in Avondale Estates, GA. All other programs will be held in a Private Group Workshop Space near Cheshire Bridge and I-85 in Atlanta, GA 30324. View my website at: Join my e-mail newsletter list at: Connect with me: http://www.twitter/ATLTantrayoga

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