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Tantric Ground is an evolving learning community in the Pioneer Valley, where we get to demystify, learn and practice Tantra, starting with the basics and building from there.

It's rooted in the Himalayan Tantra lineage brought to the U.S. by Swami Rama and further developed by Rudy Ballentine, M.D.

Tantra is rooted in ancient practices and philosophies that need to be grounded in one's life and body. It helps to have done some personal work beforehand, as this is a path of personal growth and transformation that involves self-awareness, embodiment and pleasure.

Upcoming Tantric Ground Events

Once a month there will be an event offered - mostly geared for the Beginning tantra student. These are delightfully inviting, heart-opening, soulful events. Participants are always at choice to pass or participate as the evening unfolds. See the range of events listed below - fuller descriptions can be found by scrolling back through Tantric Ground events on the Home page.

Beginner Level

Tantric Soul Dance

To dance is to touch soul - where hearts soar and everything's possible. This evening of dance will be initiated by teachings on the multiple realms of consciousness, exploring our internal world of characters, super heroes, magical creatures and villains; touching into shadow, back into the light, merging, transforming and creating something completely wild and unique.

The Alchemy of Eros: Creativity, Sexuality and Power
As westerners, we’re steeped in conversations about power. How to find it, use it, lose it or abuse it. In tantra, there is only one source of power – the energy that animates life and all of creation. It’s creative, powerful and erotic in nature; Eros. Thisis an evening of creative expression; imagination, heart connection and play.

Body Alive, Body Electric

Using simple exercises and some discussion, we'll explore an Eastern 'map' of the body to compliment the Western maps with which most of us have grown up.

Tantric Ground Puja
A Puja, is a ritual form in which we can practice seeing each other as sacred expressions of life. Together, we weave a community that can hold each of us more fully as we begin to experience our own divinity.

Sound Exploration
This is an opportunity to explore the world of sound and the impact it has one our bodies and well being. We'll use voices, singing bowls, tuning forks, music.

A Tantric Doorway:
Exploring a simple map from Himalayan Tantra, participants will learn a new relationship with boundaries; one that embraces them as a doorway, not a wall, to a more expansive, ecstatic life.

Sensory Palace

In Tantric study, the body is the temple. This ‘temple time’ practice of 'awakening the senses' is afun interactive way of connecting in sacred space. We will serve and be served.

A Tantric Move

Exploring conscious touch and improvised movement as a tantric practice, opens hearts and builds a map for a more embodied life of connection.

Yoga & Meditation

This will be an ongoing exploration into Yoga and Meditation from a Tantric perspective.

Joy of Intimacy

This class will be an opportunity to experience being seen for the fullness of who we are. We'll learn some simple tools of intimacy essential in navigating the complexities of relationship.

Sexuality and Trauma

We all carry wounds around sexuality. Learn what body-awareness approach to healing might look like; informed by tantra and somatic experiencing.

Longer Beginning Level Courses offered:

6-wk Intro to Tantra Series - including a Weekend Retreat

Wake Up Your Life - An Intro to Tantra weekend sampler

Intermediate Level:

Our Erotic Nature - Story Slam

Conscious Kink

on Being in Nature - a week long tantra retreat in Costa Rica

A Mythical Dance with Snakes

Advanced Level:

Embodying Radical Intimacy

What is Tantra? My favorite answer to this question -- it's what a tantrika does while practicing Tantric Principles. In the context of conscious, heart-centered community, participants are invited to engage the Principles of Himalayan Tantra through discussion, embodied practices, fun explorations and reflection. You'll be invited into the possibility of a deeper, more passionate life, surrounded by love.

For more information about Kristen's work, visit Somatic Center (http://somatic-center.com) in Northampton, MA.

I look forward to meeting you at one of these events.

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Introduction to Himalayan Tantra

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