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This group is for individuals and couples who are looking for more connection, meaning, pleasure and spirituality in their intimate life. Whether you are in or out of relationship, Tantric Intimacy will bring you the wisdom and skills to experience the fullest range of pleasure and ecstasy in your sexuality, fulfillment in your relationships, and passion and purpose in your life.

Learn practices to awaken and harness your vital energy to infuse passion, vitality and pleasure into all aspects of your life. Connect with other seekers and practitioners. Explore new dimensions of yourself. Share wisdom. Have fun!

Expand your Capacity for Connection and Pleasure!
Access your full Aliveness and Passion!
Connect with your Purpose!
Harness the Creative Power of your Sexual Energy!
Release past Shame, Guilt, Anger & Fear!
Discover greater Comfort & Confidence in your own skin!
Release limiting Beliefs!
Experience deeper Intimacy!
Manifest your Desires!

Join us and ignite your potential!

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😴 Deeply Rested: Women Reclaiming Peaceful Sleep 😴

Needs a location

Dear Lovely Women,
My colleague Elizabeth Carrington, if offering an amazing program for women who want to find more restful, nourishing sleep (who doesn't want that, right?)

If you feel like you might be a fit, please reach out to her directly at [masked]. Her partner has literally gone from a lifetime of terrible sleep to sleeping soundly for 6-8 hours a night. Her approach works!

See her note below.
With love,

Dear Women Over 40 With Sleep Challenges.

Do you struggle with sleep?

Do you wish you could get a full night’s sleep so that your face glows like the dawn of a new day?

What if you could find out exactly what is causing your personal sleep challenges and exactly what to do to overcome them?

I saw a picture yesterday of a woman who posted “This is what 9 hours of sleep looks like” and her face and eyes were shining.

Most of the comments she got were from other women who said many versions of ‘the struggle is real’..

I’m talking to those of you who resonate with this struggle….

So many of us are struggling with lack of sleep.

It sucks not to sleep well…..

It feels like you’re dragging yourself out of bed. It feels like you don’t have enough energy to do what you want to do. It feels like you’re not fully yourself.


It doesn’t have to be this way.

I’m guessing you’ve tried everything you can think of: turning off your phone, blackout curtains, eye masks and earplugs, meditation before bed, gummies, melatonin, extra exercise, counting endless sheep, sleep formulas….

What you haven’t tried is getting a Sleep Attunement Map™ Session. This one-of-a kind excavation of your particular and unique sleep challenges–with a customized roadmap out– could be what’s missing.

Are you ready to find your sleep groove again so you can post a glowing picture of yourself?

I have a special opportunity for a group of women who are interested in playing the game called: “I’m ready to get a good night’s sleep (and overcome the obstacles to that) NOW.”

Here’s how you will know if you qualify for this small club:

Are you a woman over 40?

Do you wake up most mornings feeling tired, sluggish, and not well-rested? Do you wake up in the night and have a hard time getting back to sleep? Do you have a hard time falling asleep? Do you wake up before you want to in the morning and feel like your sleep is incomplete? (If any or all of these are true, you qualify!)

Have you tried many different things to get your sleep back to healthy and none of them have really worked for you?

Are you ready to do whatever it takes to get your sleep back? Click here if you're ready to go: bit.ly/3P2gFkn

I have developed a program called "Deeply Rested: Women Reclaiming Peaceful Sleep", in partnership with a colleague, to help you identify the cause(s) of your unique sleep challenges. Together, we will create a “custom map” to overcome them. It’s called a Sleep Attunement Map™.

No two women have the same exact issue and no two women will have the same course of action to address those issues.

You will be in an 8 week sleep-coaching group with 6 other women who will move through this journey together, all taking different actions (because, ‘customized’).

Specifically, you will have a personalized Sleep Attunement Session (typically takes 30-40 minutes), a short follow-up to call to make sure you have everything you need to get started, then a group call on Tuesday evening (5:30-6:30pm Eastern) where each woman will declare her intention and plan, another group call 2 Tuesdays later, and then a final group call 2 Tuesdays later (where we will celebrate your wins and progress). Each group call will further attune your sleep program, (if it's needed). If it's working, no attunement necessary!

I will offer you a radical discount on my usual rate in exchange for your willingness to provide a testimonial after the journey is complete. For more details on this opportunity and to apply for entrance into this circle, message me and I’ll send you the deets. This program has a “no worries guarantee”. Get results or your money back. Easy peasy.

I'm Elizabeth Carrington, MCC, and have been coaching and supporting women for over 25 years. This latest iteration, which includes your own personalized "Sleep Attunement Map" is a breakthrough in solving one of the biggest challenges facing women every single day. I'd love to support you in reclaiming your rest.

Message me for more details @ [masked] or click here for more details: bit.ly/3P2gFkn to see if you’re a good fit for “Deeply Rested: Women Reclaiming Peaceful Sleep”.


Needs a location

CUDDLE PARTY - JUNE 12TH 4:00 P.M. - 7:30 P.M.


  • Do you long for more touch, nurturing, or affection in your life?
  • Are you aching for touch from Covid isolation?
  • Is it hard to find safe, non-sexual touch?

Then a Cuddle Party at the Temple of Tenderness is the place for you! Come and experience the abundance of love and nurturing touch that is available to you.

We are LGBTQIA+ friendly and all age, race and ethnicity welcoming!
Cuddle Party is a Communications Workshop and a Cuddle event!
An attendee from a recent Cuddle Party a newcomer cried when she introduced herself. She was crying out the ache she had for touch which was sooooo amplified from her Covid isolation. Three and a half hours later, as our time together came to an end, she was smiling and peaceful.

You may want to attend this Cuddle Party for a variety of reasons. Some come just to have fun and enjoy a wonderful evening of connecting with like-minded people and making new friends. Some come to safely fulfill their need for affection and nurturing touch that may be missing in their everyday life. Some appreciate the learning and personal growth aspect, having the opportunity to improve their social and communication skills, and explore ways of creating connection and closeness. Some find a beautiful element of spirituality here, and play with touch meditation, breath, Tantra eye gazing, and exploring the naturally altered state of consciousness that the "cuddling hormone" oxytocin can produce. Whatever you choose to do is Perfect in a Cuddle Party.

During the first hour we create the structure of the event with our Welcome Circle. We introduce ourselves, go over the Agreements of the Cuddle Party (like "Ask permission and get a verbal Yes before touching anyone", and "It's okay to change your mind at any time, for any reason"), and go through several communication and ice-breaker exercises. This is followed by a few hours of social snuggling time, where you will have the option to join in a group snuggle, connect with others for individual snuggles, or just sit back and watch, journal, and have a conversation. You can leave at anytime, or stay until we end with the Closing Circle. Snuggling can mean feet against feet, head or shoulder rubs, full-body hugs, spooning - it is entirely up to you. You can participate according to your desires and comfort level. YOU ARE ALWAYS AT CHOICE in our safe and relaxing environment and can leave at any time !!!



Complete details and directions will be e-mailed out to those who register.
Early Bird Registration, by June 2: $40
Regular Registration after June 2: $50

If you feel drawn to come and money is an issue please em me at [masked].

Please note:

  • If you have any sniffles or a fever DO NOT ATTEND even if you have been vaccinated, we will give you a credit to another cuddle party.
  • There is no nudity or sexual activity at this event. This is not a dating group. If that is your reason for interest, please do not attend.
  • This is a drug and alcohol free event.
  • Refunds up to 7 days before event.

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