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CPR Certification- Intro to Physical & Spiritual Emergency Preparedness
What do you do in a disaster or emergency? How do you keep your spirits high and yourself grounded and centered to help your family, friends, your community? This unique workshop brings together physical and spiritual preparedness in the event of a disaster. The weekend starts off with physical certification from the American Heart Association training in CPR & AED, for adult, child & infant, and hands on First Aide training while leading into learning practical techniques of soul healing and service while focusing on integrating spiritual preparedness into the physical emergency training. Join Master Brenda Gartner, an AHA certified trainer, trained disaster relief nurse, and Master Teacher of the Tao Academy along with the Master Teachers of Honolulu for this exciting workshop. This training intends to help each participant become an asset to the community during the time of any emergency/disaster. Friday, Saturday & Sunday, May 18-20,[masked]- 8:30 PM Friday 10:00 – 8:00 Sat & Sun Master Sha Tao Center Hawaii 885 Queen St, Honolulu $125 for the weekend which includes CPR/AED and First Aid Certifications $70 for webcast -no certifications children age 9+ by approval - $50 Limited Seats Available for in person Call[masked] for information

Master Sha's Soul Healing Center Honolulu

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What we're about

I have the power to heal myself.
You have the power to heal yourself.
Together, we have the power to heal the world.

- Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

Tao Wisdom and Blessings are open to everyone wanting to maintain ideal health,relationships, finances, or any other aspect of life. Together, we will offer our greatest love, care and compassion to each other, as well as learn and apply Tao Wisdom and Tao Blessings.

Tao Wisdom and Blessings focuses on the Soul – A deep Tao wisdom is that everyone and everything has a soul - your organs, cells, organ systems, your house, pets, relationships, finances, business and more! By applying this wisdom Your spiritual awakening, soul journey are accelerated and much of your life's pain and suffering can be dissolved.

Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow.
- Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha, Soul Mind Body Medicine, The Power of Soul

Join us to learn how to apply Tao wisdom, knowledge and practical techniques introduced by Master Sha to help remove soul, mind, heart (shen) energy (qi) and matter (jing) blockages that are the root cause of life's challenges. In each Meetup we will practice one or two techniques; some participants could be chosen for individual Tao blessing services; everyone will receive blessings from Certified Tao Practitioners.

Together, we will boost, align and support our soul's self- healing abilities, and share our experiences of transformation. Together it is possible to create a community of universal servants committed to helping our loved ones, our community, Mother Earth and the universe to heal and transform the world.

Please visit the calendar for the dates and locations of upcoming meetups.

With greatest Da Ai (Greatest Love)

Join us! Everyone is welcome!

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