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Attend Tao Self Healing teachings and practices for Rejuvenation and Longevity!
We meet every other Wednesday to learn and practice Ancient Taoist Self Healing practices for boosting energy, vitality, stamina, and for strengthening the immune system. By doing these practices, we actually reduce stress and create inner joy and inner peace. These Taoist Self Healing practices are more than 5,000 years old, and are found in the Yellow Emperor's scriptures. They have been practiced in seclusion by Shaolin priests, Tibetan Buddhist monks, and Asian cultures for centuries. They derive from the practice of Wei/Nei Gong, a healing modality often used by doctors of traditional Chinese medicine. We begin our evening by chanting a Divine Song. This uplifts the consciousness of the human being to a higher healing vibration and creates a quantum field for healing. These physics terms have all been proven by modern day scientific methods, and substantiate the healing results we know can be achieved. As a participant in our MeetUp, you learn the 4 Power Techniques that allows one to connect with the Divine, the Source, and the Tao. You begin to understand how to use these Techniques in your everyday life. Once this field is established, a practice of 'Da Kuan Shu' - Greatest Forgiveness is initiated to clear away any blockages. These blockages are often karmic in nature and can be removed by elevating our vibration and frequency. The teachings and practices are esoteric, sacred, and secret for a reason. Fortunately, these teachings, practices, and wisdom have been shared with a chosen few in the Bay Area at this time to relieve the suffering of humanity. We all know, and you may agree, Mother Earth, Humanity, and Nature are going through a difficult period of suffering. Now, is the time to utilize these ancient teachings, practices, and chants to transform our own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The evening also includes receiving a Tao Healing Blessing (s) for one physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual condition or issue. These blessings are administered to participants as a way to relieve physical or emotional pain, improve financial situations, to resolve certain relationships that cause hurt or harm, or to heal an aspect of one's life. If you are looking to expand your understanding, become aware of your self-healing power, and participate in a group and individual healing process, then this may be the place for you. Come with an open mind, heart, and Soul to receive the healing knowledge and wisdom from my beloved teacher Master Zhi Gang Sha. To gather more information about these healing practices, and its extraordinary results, go to Please arrive early to ensure a prompt start at 7:15 pm. Bring a friend, relative, or loved one who seeks to heal and improve themselves with these simple techniques for Self-Healing and Rejuvenation. It is an honor to serve you in this way! A Love Offering or Honoring Fee may be suggested... Depending on your generosity and gratitude, the amount is purely from your Heart and Soul! Peace and Blessings! Edward

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We meet to practice Ancient Tao healing arts and practices to transform all aspects of life - health, relationships, and finances. We empower you to awaken your Divine presence. The practices open the Heart and Soul to heal your physical conditions, emotional / mental issues, and spiritual blockages. All are welcome to join us on this healing path!

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