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Welcome Beautiful Angel of the Red Rose 🌹
Allow me to guide you during these lessons to learn how to heal your soul, balance your mind, body and spirit! Find greater and deepest answers.
I have always said: “The hardest part of life is NOT to understand the rules”.
During the lessons you are going to be introduced into the most Sacred Ancient Secrets of life; we will discuss, learn and practice topics such as Anthropology (antique civilizations -Mayan, Egyptian, Atlantis-), Philosophy, History, Sacred Geometry, Magic (Shamanism, Wiccan -candles, cast sacred circles, crystals-) Meditation techniques, Law of Attraction (understand the rules for creation and manifesting -neurosciences and quantum physics), Tantra (sacred sexuality), and so many other topics related to metaphysics & spirituality.
I have been an energy healer for more than 10 years, my experience in understanding and interaction with other dimensions have definitely given me a greater knowledge to guide you and help you understand life in different levels of consciousness!
During the lessons we are not only to discuss topics, you will learn healing techniques to heal yourself and also you will receive a free energy healing from myself!
I hope to hear soon from you.
With all my heart!

-Alek ⭕️
High Priestess & Founder of Tao Tantra TaoTantra.com

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