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Developed by Master Moy Lin-Shin, Taoist Tai Chi® is a low impact exercise designed to enhance health. Join us to learn this ancient Chinese exercise emphasizing relaxation, stretching, health improvement and stress reduction. Enjoy the many benefits of this gentle internal art.

We teach a 108-move form of the Taoist Tai Chi® tai chi set meant to bring your mind, body and spirit into balance, providing many health benefits.

The International Taoist Tai Chi Society, a non-profit organization, features four aims and objectives that are consistent throughout the Society:

To make Taoist Tai Chi® internal arts and methods available to all
To promote the health-improving qualities of Taoist Tai Chi® internal arts and methods
To promote cultural exchange
To help others

A unique approach to Tai Chi

Over 30 years ago we began with a set of principles established by our late founder, Master Moy Lin-shin ( These principles, which are still followed today, are as follows:

• The Taoist Tai Chi® internal arts are not to be practiced as a martial art technique or in a competitive spirit, but rather as a means to cultivate every aspect of health.

• Those who’ve improved their own health and understanding of these arts are encouraged, under supervision, to use them to help others.

• Members should share their knowledge on a volunteer basis and not for personal gain, and should seek to help others improve their health as well.

• Members should cultivate an attitude of compassion and service to others.

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