What we're about

This is a group that has a good variety of things to do in London and the suburbs. We attend events and walk around the city, in parks and near the River Thames. It is not just about tapas ! Some meetups are relevant to Spain and Spanish culture so you can learn about the country and talk to Spanish people. Other meetups will include learning about London: places, buildings, culture, food, history, music, etc. There will be chances for you to take part in games and win prizes, including money.

The meetups are great value. Some may cost £2, but some I do free. I don't organise meetups to make money from members. Also, I have other things to do, so I don't have time to organise meetups every week.

Adults (18 years and older) of any nationality are welcome to join the group. Membership is free. If you are friendly and positive join the group now then attend a meetup and introduce yourself.

I don't have a big list of terms and conditions. Please act responsibly when logged in to the group's website on meetup.com plus when attending meetups. Meetup has terms that members of all groups should conform to.

As an Organiser I pay to have this meetup group plus I invest a lot of time and money doing it. I decided to start this group because I want to have fun, socialise and meet people.

I have planned and completed many promotions and events for businesses, including large International companies. Also organised events to raise money for charities and people affected by accidents and major disasters.

Note that the number of members a group has means nothing. Unfortunately there is not a proven method to determine the number of current members plus active members in ANY meetup group.

People that arrive on time for a meetup will not have to wait many minutes for people that are not punctual. Anyone that is late can try and catch the group up. Also, I don't keep people waiting while money is collected and I don't waste time making a register of members that have turned up !

Join the group now. Then come to a meetup and see what we do.

Also see: https://twitter.com/TapasEvents and https://www.instagram.com/tapasevents/

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