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Feel like your toes are curling over the edge of the high diving board, as you ready to dive into a massive (or small, but important) change—only to find yourself frozen in place? Are you sometimes wishing that you could grab your partner by the collar and set him or her straight and have no idea what to do to get through? Are you setting ambitious goals to move your life forward but have so much overwhelm you just want to curl up in bed with Netflix and popcorn instead? Looking to lose weight but find yourself loading your plate high from the jewel-like display of pastries at the conference?

All of these challenges in life (like so many others) have share a surprisingly common through line—there are emotional contributing factors that are standing in the way.

Join us in a unique opportunity to connect with others and make new friends while also effortlessly transforming your life! Come to my beautiful, spacious living room in my house at 1st and Commercial. Each meeting will feature a snack along with different tea from my extensive tea collection (or coffee for the diehard Vancouver caffeine junkies).

You’ll learn to use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) in a group setting led by a trained practitioner in a supportive environment. Each MeetUp is customized to the goals of the participants who attend. This technique is one you will learn for yourself can continue to use at home between meet ups for accelerated results. This gentle approach to self-transformation produces lasting changes.

Commonly referred to as "tapping", EFT is a quick and easy-to-learn technique that reduces or eliminates stress, discomfort, mental or emotional blocks and more! EFT has been known to produce results on emotional and physical levels when nothing else can. EFT is used in personal transformation and growth....attract the money, the relationship, the career, the life you want by eliminating subconscious blocks.

Round out the evening with optional social time at a location on the Drive, to immerse yourself in what this great neighborhood has to offer and have laughs together with other people like you who are focused on making their lives better! Come join the fun!

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Creating Doorways For Personalized Action For Climate Change

this is a free event-- you will need to sign up here to confirm registration: https://emotions-as-a-doorway-for-climate-action.eventbrite.ca

If you are committed to making a sincere effort to bring considered action to combat climate change into your work and personal life, you might find the process challenging. It's natural to feel overwhelmed. The challenges related to climate that world is witnessing are daunting.

Join Farah, Certified EFT Tapping Coach. Learn approaches for getting clarity and alignment in the action you want to take . Move past gathering information and building awarness of the problem-- this could well have resulted into information overload and confusion on what to apply. Feel grounded while you acknowledge feelings and potential resistance to change that come with taking next steps, so that you move forward with empathy and understanding.

We'll use the cutting-edge tool of Emotional Freedom Techniques. We'll discuss how to use this for any emotions coming up, and how this facilitates integration to be responsive to climate change.
I'll spend a few minutes grounding the group, then spend time with 1-2 volunteers leading them through the process so that everyone can learn and share in the benefits of group processing.

This workshop is designed for people that have made efforts to incorporate new information about climate change and want to integrate their learning and move towards meaningful application of the steps that are relevant to how they can contribute. This event is a follow-up to the Climate Coaches Meeting 24hours of coaching, to facilitate integration of learning. It is also an excellent integration to any other reflections you have done independently or in other groups.

Are Arguments Necessary?

Online event


As a relationship coach, I have been researching the subject of arguments because so many clients have issues with it.

Some people say that arguments add richness to life, and many of us would love to never argue again. Who's right?

We'll explore what makes a healthy argument.

I'll teach you how to processes arguments (if you have to have them) so that you can feel better about them.

We'll have lots of time for reflection and interactive activities. You'll be able to learn tools and techniques to use for yourself afterwards and ask questions you have.

Look forward to seeing you!

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