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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also called EFT Tapping, is an alternative, self-administered healing technique based on ancient Chinese medicine which clears emotional pain and blocks by focusing on a feeling while using fingers to tap on energy points around the face and torso.

Used by therapists and healers worldwide, EFT is used to overcome fear and stress, transform limiting beliefs, and heal past emotional wounds and trauma. It makes way for deep shifts and new possibilities, and typically leaves a person feeling relieved and lighter in their body.

This cutting-edge technique is for those who want to take healing and personal growth into their own hands (literally!). Tapping is so simple that once learned, anyone can do it anytime, anywhere, making it the perfect self-healing take-home tool.

We provide a safe, accepting space to share, process and integrate using Tapping so we can relax, open up for greater healing and understanding, and allow for insight to come through. Learning how to apply it to your specific issue in a group of like-minded people has tremendous value and benefits.

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For a great introduction to Tapping, the science behind Tapping, and a video demonstrating how to Tap, check out http://www.thetappingsolution.com . We hope to see you soon!

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“Terrific as always. Lyndsie is a wonderful facilitator.”
“I loved this event”
“I received much more than I expected…Keep it coming!”
“I gained new ways to increase positive energy flow and let go of stress and anxieties.”
“Lyndsie is fantastic! Extremely well prepared, very open, warm and authentic, and knowledgeable… generous with her time and gifts."

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