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Sufism (Arabic: tasawwuf) is the mystical view and the inner dimension of Islam. For sufis themselves it means the complete religion, the realization of devotion to God, and the experience of love in the heart. In addition to the Islamic way of life, sufi followers engage with practices and prayers for the purification of the heart and improving one's character (adab). The loving guidance of the sheikh (the spiritual master) provides for certitude and clarity on the sufi way (tariqa). Burhaniya Disuqiya Shadhuliya is the sufi order (tariqa) of Sayyidi Ibrahim Qurashi Disuqi (13th Century A.D.), the fourth of the great sufi sheikhs and founders of sufi orders (aqtab). The spiritual line (silsila) of the Burhaniya sheikhs trace back to the Prophet Mohammed (s.). The Tariqa Burhaniya has spread out in the time of Sayyidi Fahruddin Sheikh Mohamed Osman Abduh al Burhani († 1983) and his son Sayyidi Sheikh Ibrahim Sheikh Mohamed Osman († 2003). Today, under the leadership of Sheikh Mohamed Sheikh Ibrahim Sheikh Mohamed Osman, there are thousands of followers and hundreds of Burhani communities all over the world. Please visit the tariqa’s website below for more information. http://www.burhaniya.info/intranet/


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