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What we’re about

Welcome to the Tarot Awakenings Online Meetup! This group is for tarot practitioners of all experience levels who want to develop their intuition using this astounding mystical method. I thank you for being here and hope to connect with you and share my passion for this wonderful little deck of cards.

I approach tarot as a sacred intuitive method. When it is practiced with mindful intention, tarot becomes a profound tool for spiritual awakening. We all have divine gifts of wisdom and love within us, and tarot is a fun and effective way to access those gifts. Since these divine gifts are universal, they are accessible to everyone. That means you don’t have to be “psychic” to use tarot, you just need to learn and practice!

To learn tarot is to discover ourselves. Developing a tarot practice opens our eyes to more possibility throughout our lives, opens our minds to new perspectives, and opens our hearts to the divine wisdom and love we possess deep inside of us. Yes, all this from a deck of cards!

No matter where you are on your journey, when you attend one of my meetups I want you to feel inspired, to learn something useful for your tarot practice, and of course, to have fun.

My tarot journey began in 2013, while in the throes of an early onset midlife crisis. I was approaching my 40th birthday and had a very serious case of the “blahs”. Life had become gray; I felt disconnected from myself and other people. I was frustrated with the deep suspicion that there was much more to myself and life than I was experiencing. I’d never even considered using tarot before, but I suddenly felt powerfully called to it.

What I found with tarot changed my entire perspective: I awakened to the wisdom and love locked inside of me. Mind blown, heart cracked open, I came to life once again! If you have some experience with tarot, I’m sure you know what I’m referring to. And if you’re brand new to tarot but want to experience this for yourself, you can, regardless how intuitive you think you are. I’m living proof. That’s why I quit my normal job, got certified as a professional life coach, and live what you might call a “tarot-guided life”!

I am not a “fortune teller” and I do not use tarot to predict the future. Rather, tarot empowers me to embody the HERE & NOW, the place of presence where awakening happens.
I warmly welcome you to join me as we discover our own personal divinity through this mystical deck of cards.

The Tarot Awakenings Online Meetup Group is for tarot practitioners of all experience levels to enjoy caring and friendly support and overall good vibes.

Members should feel inspired and encouraged to develop their card-reading abilities by sharing their diverse perspectives among fellow students of this sacred intuitive method.

It is understood that tarot can – and often does – reveal deep personal truths, and therefore sharing is always encouraged but never required.

Ultimately, the primary mission of the group serves two objectives:
1.) To provide a fun and non-judgmental atmosphere for spiritual seekers.
2.) To provide opportunities to develop tarot-reading skills (for ourselves and others).

You’re welcome to check out my website (, where I share lots of information designed to help on your tarot awakenings journey. You’ll find all kinds of stuff, including a choose-a-card feature, meanings for all 78 cards, and a fun little project I’ve undertaken called the Beatles Song Tarot Project.

If you’d like to work with me, I offer individual tarot coaching sessions, and also mentorships for those who are undergoing their own awakening journey. Please contact me if you’d like to learn more or to book a session. Or visit:

From my heart to yours: Thank you for being here! – With Love, Frank