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Tarot Transformations is a Meet Up Group focused on transforming our understanding of ourselves, and the people and world around through Tarot.

Rather than memorizing standard card meanings this group will explore techniques that allow the cards to speak to us on a personal level and allow our intuition to guide us to the truth. Topics that may be covered at any given meeting include: discovering card meanings, tarot meditations and visualisation, personal tarot cards, tarot affirmations, tarot symbolism and archetypes, tarot spreads, and readings.

This Cork based group is suitable for all levels including those who have no knowledge of Tarot, those who are just curious and want to know more, those who have some/lots of knowledge and want to deepen it.

The Meetups will work best for those who bring a Rider Waite, Universal Waite, or other versions of the Waite deck but you can bring other decks as many of the techniques are transferable.

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