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We love to taste (and compare)! This group is for anyone who likes to experience new tastes. We will start with doing a comparative blind root beer tasting, then (perhaps) a blind Gouda cheese tasting, then maybe ginger beers, teas and then.... (multiple drinks/food that we can taste). We are looking to have a gathering of about 6-10 people each time and will charge just enough to cover our costs (food and this site...$5 or so).

We are looking to have our first gathering in January with Root Beer as our first taste!

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Dutch Cheese Tasting

Private Residence


We'll be tasting Dutch cheeses. These are medium-ripening cheeses that have natural or waxed rinds. Examples are Gouda, Edam, Fontina, Mimolette, Monterey Jack, and Beemster cheeses. These cheeses change month-to-month as they ripen, so we'll have some younger cheeses as well as some older cheeses to get an idea of how they change over time. We'll do a blind tasting and score each one with several different criteria. We'll tabulate the scores and select the winner. We'll also have crackers and other cheese accompaniments. There will be no dinner. We'll share our cost, expected to be about $15 - 20 per person. $10 of that fee will be collected upon registration. We will send out an address to those who registered a few days before the event with location address and phone number.

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Root Beer Tasting

Private Residence


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