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"Have you ever tried shawarma?"

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Save the world and eat Shawarma.

So what is it?
Shawarma: The Arabian Taco. . .

According to Wikipedia:
Shawarma (Arabic: شاورما) is a Levantine Arab[1][2] meat preparation, where lamb, goat, chicken, turkey, beef, or mixed meats are placed on a spit (commonly a vertical spit in restaurants), and may be grilled for as long as a day. Shavings are cut off the block of meat for serving, and the remainder of the block of meat is kept heated on the rotating spit. Although it can be served in shavings on a plate (generally with accompaniments), "shawarma" also refers to a pita bread sandwich or wrap made with shawarma meat. Shawarma is eaten with tabbouleh, fattoush, taboon bread, tomato, and cucumber. Toppings include tahini, hummus, pickled turnips and amba. Shawarma is a fast-food staple across the Middle East, Europe and the Caucasus.

Our known choices to try this are :
Mezza on Elmwood -(polished)
Shawarma King(gritty)
(716) 883-0620
West Side
139 Grant Street
Buffalo, NY 14213

Does anyone have thoughts on this?


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