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BV: Bacco Wine Bar- Italian (50% off food bill)


This Event: London's first Italian Chef to receive a Michelin star

Special Offer: 8 people will receive 50% off the bill.

Event Host: The lovely Jodie

Limited to 8 people & Who's Invited:

Bon Vivant Members only
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The aim of the The Global Dining Series is to provide an opportunity for those who have met previously at larger events to share intimate meals with people who are passionate about the good things in life.

You will need to join as a paid member to attend - I am sorry to disappoint you, but there has been to many no-shows in the past, or people that are not serious about good dinning, which is a disappointment to those who are attending.

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The bill will be split equally. Please speak to your host directly for a reduced fee, in the case of that you are not drinking wine.

Time: Drinks at 7pm (same location as dinner) Dinner is booked for 7:30pm. Please do not be late.

Restaurant Details:

"My cooking aims to be simple in presentation, without any superfluous gesture", says Stefano Cavallini.
His philosophy is enclose in the book La Cucina Essenziale (Essential Cooking), written after years of researches and studies of the ancient Italian culinary tradition, reinterpreted in the light of today's taste and way of life.

Stefano, native of Lugo di Romagna, improved his cooking technique learning from the best chefs around Italy.
"Working with Gualtiero Marchesi inspired my creativity and made me gaining invaluable experience" continues Stefano, who came to Londond initially working for Marchesi in 1991 at the Halkin, where he was the first Italian chef in London to be awarded a Michelin Star in 1995, and in 1997 the restaurant was named after him.

He also received the nomination of Ambassador of Italian's kitchen abroad from the President of the Italian Republic Oscar Luigi Scalfaro.
In 2001 he opened I Sapori di Stefano Cavallini, a delicatessen shop with all sort of Italian deli food, homemade and directly imported from Italy.
He spent then a short period in Italy in 2008 at the Scuderia in Palermo, before coming back to London and open the 5 Pollen Street.

His adventure with Bacco started in 2012. "We plan to become one of the best Italian restaurant in London with our range of fresh and homemade products."
The Chef likes experiment with food. "I have so many dishes ideas and I would like to share what I know and what I have learned with all Bacco's guests."
What else to say? "Venite ad assaggiare!"


Bacco Restaurant & Wine Bar - 25-26 Red Lion Street, Holborn, London,
WC1R 4PS P. 020 7242 7900 - E.

This looks like a really great London find... I hope you all have a great time!