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This group was set up in January 2016 to set up a single indoor netball team, but by the time the season started a month later, we had enough interest to start a Monday and Tuesday night team. Over the next 2 years we had about 20 different teams play in various leagues of indoor netball, basketball, football and turbo touch, as well as outdoors beach volleyball, touch rugby, and 5-aside football. We've also done a couple of less strenuous events like an 8-ball evening and a couple of Poker on the Beach nights.

The group took a little hiatus for a year because of an injury to the main organiser. The Meetup app also proved to be a little unreliable and annoying for a lot of people. It can bombard you with notifications and a lot of people just turn them all off rather than try to figure out the settings to select the notifications they want.

To combat this we have set up a Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/286003128904027/ for those who prefer to use this platform which is a lot easier for most. We recommend all new users to sign up to this public group too.

If you are looking for a team to join and nothing relevant is listed, or you have a team and just need one or two extra players, either post on our Facebook page or use the Meetup discussions feature, or use both.

Upcoming events (2)

Outdoor Men's 5 a Side Football - Ferguson Park - Thursday

Fergusson Park

There is a 5 a side comp every year at Ferguson Park, and we have entered a mens social team. There is still little info available, but I'm guessing the start night is 21 October. The comp has a little break over Christmas, then goes though till the end of February.

RSVP if interested, and send your contact details to [masked] - I don't check this account very often.

Cost will be about $50 pp and any extra money can go towards some refreshments. We can sort out the details later on.

Spearfishing Training

Needs a location

The Sons of Tangaroa Spearfishing Club does regular/irregular training nights at Dive Zone Tauranga. These have been on Thursdays in the past and are just whenever there are a bunch of us who are keen - sometimes monthly, sometimes every 2 weeks. Often planned with not much notice.

If you have a little interested in smashing some big kingies this summer, or just scaring off all the snapper, just email me, [masked], and I can put you in touch with the right people.

The club has club meetings once a month at the Tauranga Fish and Dive Club at sulphur point. Generally a few beers, a feed, some exageration, and a presentation on a relevant topic.

If interested in learning more, also worth popping into Dive Zone on Cameron road and they can show you what equipment is needed. It is a sport where people are very generous with knowledge.

The SOT is a very social club and its a fun hobby. If you are new to town and want to get in the water, and meet some nutters who hold their breath and shoot fish, this might be for you.

Also, ignore the listing date above, I just picked a date far off in the future.

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4 a Side Indoor Football

Online event

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