What we're about

Women who are in their 40s and over who have been diagnosed with or think they have ADHD/ADD. Women who are simply curious about ADD/ADHD can also join.
I'm starting this group to find other women like me who have ADD or ADHD and want to know more about it. Women who want to meet others in a safe place and share 1) what's positive about ADD/ADHD and 2) how to take control of their ADHD and to not be controlled by it. Most of all, who would like to get away from the negative with other people who "get" you.

This is a social, support and informational group. We'll (voluntarily) share what's special about ADHD (like "out of the box" thinking or creativity) and share life hacks, strategies and things that have helped us. We'll also share our challenges and strategies we've used.

While this is a safe, non-judgemental emotional space, it is not a therapy group. I am a certified life coach who not only has but also specializes in Adult ADD/ADHD this is not a therapeutic or coaching workshop. Workshops on various topics about women, aging, ADD/ADHD and other topics may be presented as part of our agenda.

Let's share good company, what's positive about ADHD, support for one another and some fun. Experts agree that women with ADD/ADHD are most frequently isolated and alone because of their self-consciousness, shame, fear of being judged and other personal reasons directly related to their personal style of ADHD. Welcome to a place where it is acceptable to have ADD/ADHD; a place where you can learn to love, appreciate or tolerate yourself.

Join us.

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Taylor Recreation Center

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