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What we’re about

Welcome Starseeds, Lightworkers & Old Souls!

The Arcturians are very high-frequency beings who ascended millions of years ago. They are fifth-dimensional master teachers and master healers. Your host, Viviane Chauvet, is an advanced Arcturian hybrid Avatar who teaches about intergalactic knowledge for spiritual growth, mind/body/spirit vibrational alignment, and enlightenment.

Do you consider yourself a Starseed? Do you feel a Universal inner calling to fulfill your soul's missions? We provide unique classes, workshops, meditation, and tools to assist you in reaching your highest potential.

With the assistance of the Arcturians, we are helping you in further developing your psychic faculties, enhance your inherent psychic channels, connect your mind to your heart, increase your inner light, and Empower You! Our events are experiential, uplifting, and instructional. You will also receive Activation seed in preparation for Ascension, including your pineal gland and multidimensional senses. We also play an active role in the community by participating in various events, fairs, and conferences.

The Arcturians prefer to communicate with human beings through what we would call a "Meditative State of Mind." Our monthly experimental journey is an effective method to communicate with those Elevated & Advanced Star Beings from the 5th through the 9th Dimensions.


Originally from Canada, Viviane Chauvet is an international public speaker recognized for her work as an advanced Arcturian hybrid avatar. Viviane's healing practice and teachings inspire people to live in Universal Consciousness as sovereign Divine Beings. She specializes in multidimensional frequency healing, conscious channeling, soul matrix healing, and holographic body template upgrade. In 2013, Viviane launched her company "Infinite Healing from the Stars" and did thousands of healing sessions with clients worldwide. Viviane joined the W.I.S.H. Alliance ( as an Ambassador. She also serves as an emissary for the Intergalactic Councils and other star delegations.

Her first collaborative #1 Best Seller book "Wisdom of the Silver Sisters – Guiding Grace" is available on Amazon as a published author. She worked as a hybrid consultant on j3FILMS award-winning second documentary, "Extraordinary: The Seeding." Viviane also features in j3FILMS award-winning third documentary, "Extraordinary: The Revelations." It explores the historical significance of ET presence in specific paradigms, including Ascension. Today, she is the producer and co-host of The Infinite Star Connections podcast.

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