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What we’re about

Play diverse sports with diverse players. Team Brisbane Sports focus is to promote inclusiveness, diversity, acceptance and healthy lifestyles through sport, recreation and fitness activities within the LGBTIQ+. This community group encourages all ages and levels of fitness and skill  to participate in sport.  

The major objective of this group is to help people find LGBTIQ+ friendly sports in Brisbane.  

RSVP policy question on joining: Just say NA. It would be appreciated if people RSVPd directly with the group they are joining. RSVPing on Meetup does not inform the group organisers.

Each group is independently run and often not listed on meetup.

Typical Weekly options in Brisbane:

Monday - Walking, Running, Women's Water polo games, Basketball? & Rugby Union training

Tuesday - Swimming, Water polo (Mixed games) & Tennis

Wednesday - Rugby Union training & Basketball

Thursday - Dodgeball, Running, Walking, Swimming & Water polo

Friday - Volleyball training some evenings, other wise Friday is the only day without LGBTI+ group exercises... go to the gym.

Saturday - Hiking - 2 groups, Soccer 3pm, Beach Rugby all day, Cycling

Sunday - 7am Cycling, Swimming 830am, learn to play water polo boot camp 3pm, 430 pm Sunday Touch football, two hiking groups to choose from, Volleyball in the afternoons

Listed group exercise options include:







Social Soccer


Frontrunners Running

Rugby Union

Touch Football

Walking with Brisbane Frontrunners

If you would like to host sporting events here, then contact the organiser or the co-organiser. It is easy to announce events on


                                                                              Meetup Rules

Code of Conduct: There is zero toleration for bullying and sexual harassment in this group. This is not a group for cruising and hooking-up activities. Its a safe space for playing sports. Members who break the Code will be removed.

Disclaimer: By signing up and attending meetups of  this group, you release the organisers from any claims for loss, damage, or injury sustained while participating in any events listed in this group.