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***Indians coming into Boston***

Are you new to the city? Have you lived in Boston for a while? Do you like hanging out with friends? Do you like meeting new friends? Whats up for the weekend? Who will I hang with? I am new and I do not know anyone...

If you find yourself saying or asking any one of these things, then this group is for you!
Team Royal is a group where local Indians in Boston gather together and hang out on the weekends doing a wide array of different activities. From Checking out popular hot spots around Boston, going out dancing, traveling around and outside of Boston, eating out, catching a movie, or making a movie (who knows, the possibilities are endless) Team Royal Indians Bostons or (TRI'B) is a new group where Indians and Americans can come together and have fun on the weekends and make memories to last. So if your down to come hang...lets go!

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Six Flags Fright Fest

Six Flags New England

Fall Colors Hike

Needs a location

Six Flags New England

Six Flags New England

F1 Boston- Indoor Racing

F1 Boston

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