What we're about

Welcome to Royalz Indian Boston Meetup group!

Are you an Indian who is new to Boston?

Looking to make some friends?

Learn more about the city you are currently living in?

Do you even enjoy fun?


This group is open to Indians and other races interested in Indian Culture. This group is completely ALL INCLUSIVE, unlike other Indian meetup groups.

We meet every weekend and sometimes weekdays (Wednesdays) for our "Midweek Burnout" socials.

Our activities vary throughout each week and season aappropriate.


This meetup page is to gain new friends, ONLY. We officially operate on our official whatsapp group text.

WE DO NOT post upcoming events on this meetup page. ONLY on our whatsapp group text.

There you will receive updates on upcoming events, communicate with other friends, share pictures, etc..

To join the group fully, please DM me your whatsapp number and you will be added.



We are currently in the midst of a pandemics. This group understands and recognizes this. That is why HEALTH and SAFETY is our number 1 priority.

1. If you are not feeling 100% health wise, please refrain from joining any of our meetups, until you are.

2. If you feel you are infected. Please go and get your Covid Test. If you test positive, you are to remain away from any activities for 14 Days, until you get a negative Covid Test and can provide proof of a negative test no more than 3 days of the actual date you are planning to attend an event.

3. If you are fully vaccinated, then please be ready to show proof, as our goal is to keep this group healthy.

If you are not fully vaccinated, please wear a mask at all times while out on events.

Mask and Sanitizer is highly encouraged regardless of vaccination status. So be mindful and use your best judgment.


We believe in friendships and connections, over monetary gains; Thus, "ABSOLUTELY NO" membership fees or any fees what-so-ever is collected. You pay for what you do or get in this group, that's it.

High number of people in a group doesn't define a amazing group, but the people you meet in them does. That is why we are the most personal and active meetup group based here in Boston.

Parents, Professionals, Students, Talents, in-betweens are what make up this group, so I thrive to keep this group equal across the board. "NO ONE" is better than everyone. We are all Royalty in our own lives.

COMMUNICATION is KEY: In order to be a strong group, communication goes a long way. It is the foundation to any successful union.

If you can make an event. Say "I'm In"

If you cannot just say "I Can't"

Simple, right?


All in All we are a merry band of misfits, who love to have fun, make friends, network and just live life. If you feel the same way...welcome to the Royal Fam!

Lets hang!

Stay Wild Buddies

- King Kori 😎🤟🏾🖤

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