What we're about

Do you have a physical or mental health condition which makes achieving goals and moving forward in life more difficult?

Is Teamwork The Answer? What skills or experience do you have that might benefit others? The fact is we are not suited to everything, but we can all do something.

By working together we can:

1. Accomplish more by focusing on each other’s strengths

2. Solve problems faster

3. Overcome weaknesses by working together

4. Share knowledge and learn from others

Charities often group people together with similar conditions. By creating a diverse group we can all help each other. I would like to turn this into a non-profit group specialising in teamwork for people with long standing health conditions.

The Idea

The idea is to use a mix of open-source and agile project management techniques to allow people to work flexibly together. These techniques have empowered teams to achieve extraordinary results with exceptionally low overheads. Which is perfect in the nonprofit sector.

In fact it’s a double win because helping others is great for improving skills, gaining confidence, or building a CV.

But I need some wonderful people to work with to test ideas, and see what we can achieve.

What you might like to do:

Achieve a personal project, learn a new skill, find a new job, make progress on a long standing issue or make a difference to someone else.

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