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Welcome to an extension of Coexist Gaming, We are very excited to now be hosting our events to the Veteran and new members of this group.

Going to the arcade is a thing of the past. It seems we've lost the passion that we once had in the 80's and early 90's. Our mission is to bring back the nostalgia of the arcades mixed with the newfound love we have for console gaming. We have created the perfect collaboration of both worlds, which highlights separate gaming stations built for co-op and competitive experiences. Experience over 4000 retro games across 6 consoles and 2 custom built arcade stations. Along with the retro games we will always feature current consoles as we all coexist in the name of gamer love! Tournaments will be held at our custom dual player arcade station. The competitive juices will flow with each intense battle.

We're bringing you gaming in every sense of the word, from our private poker rooms to outdoor beer pong. Come out and join us for an unforgettable nights of gaming, food, drinks, LIVE DJ and good vibes.

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The Likeminds Collective

Coexist Gaming is back, changing lives again with another epic event. Introducing Anthem, Crackdown 3 and Jump force all ready at our 4 player battle Station. You have spoken and we're listening. Featuring our large screen N64 Station with classics from the the OG smash, 007 Golden eye, WWF no mercy, Mario Kart plus more favorites. HIGHLIGHTS: We've got it all. 2 arcade stations, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo rooms NBA 2K19 in our PS room Smash Bros Ultimate in our Nintendo Room Gears of War 4 in our Xbox room Over 2000 retro games from multiple systems: Nes, Super new, and Sega Genesis Not to mention: Music, Food, Drinks, Heated backyard, and Beer Pong! THC infused pizza, sodas Join Us Saturday, February 23rd RSVP Now for a chance to win your very own brand new copy of EA’s AAA title Anthem and Bandai Namco’s 3D Fighter Jump Force in our raffle! The ONLY way to win is to RSVP! Event is for ages 18 and older. $10 RSVP (which enters you into the EA’s AAA title Anthem and Bandai Namco’s 3D Fighter Jump Force raffle!!! DUH.) www.coexistgaming.com $15 AT THE DOOR NO EXCEPTIONS!

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The Likeminds Collective

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