Leadership, Interaction and Empathy

This is a past event

40 people went


Leaders are pivot points in an organization: they can drive growth and catalyze change.

But… they are also the ones able to block and paralyze operations, work and calcify the organization in silos.

Most importantly, leaders are people, and that is the key.

Too often, leaders fall under the impersonal “leadership” umbrella, which focuses on the function, not the person. With that approach, a leader’s relationship with his or her organization will never grow, leaving real growth and change behind.

The goal of this workshop is to explore how that kind of relationships can be developed from both sides, and used proactively as a tool for growth and change by building trust and interaction.

This workshop specifically targeted to:
• People in a leadership role that want to be aware of these dynamics and understand what they can do to make their position better;
• Professionals whose job is to interact with people in this role (HR, CXOs, founders) and want to push growth and change from within.

Of course, we’re not strict about this, so everyone is always welcome!

Specifically, we will look at two levels:
1. How the organization relates to its leaders
2. How leaders relate to their teams

Both are necessary steps for communication to flow well, and to trigger interaction across the organization at a personal level.

After the workshop, you’ll have a different perspective on your role as a leader or on your way of interacting with leader, and a few tricks up your sleeve to just make things better at work.

See you there!


EDOARDO BINDA ZANE is a communication and leadership trainer. He trains leaders, teams and individuals to communicate better, using skills from improvisation theatre, his own personal management experience, and research compiled by respected external sources.

He provides teamwork training for top-level companies and has developed a parallel career in 7-figure EU project management and improvisational theatre, performing internationally and studying with several top-level schools (UCB, David Razowsky, ComedySportz). He exploits contact points between these realities and uses them to transfer skills between them.He is the author of two books:

• “Effective Decision-Making: how to make better decisions under uncertainty and pressure”
• “Writing Proposals: A Handbook of What Makes Your Project Right For Funding”