What we're about

Let’s read and discuss book about technology!

We'll be reading and discussing some of the greatest, most provocative and most overrated books that try to explore the curious relationship between technology, society, and the individual.
The main purpose of this book club is to bring together people with an interest in technology and the desire to discuss it.

Who is this book club for? Anyone with an interest in technology and the desire to discuss it. Hackers, Internet policy people, security experts, entrepreneurs, philosophers, artists, journalists, cyborgs, techno-enthusiasts and pessimist… you get the point. What are we going to read?
Every month, we read a book or article about a current issue that's related to technology. We've read novels like "The circle", nonfiction books like "weapons of math destruction" or "To save everything, click here". We also read about tech's influence on pop-culture in news articles or listen to podcasts. Your suggestions are welcome!

Why is this book club in ENGLISH?
Discussions about technology are very different in Germany and the English-speaking world. We
think there is a genuine need to bridge debates and discuss different assumptions. We will read German books from time to time, but discussions will mostly be in English.

http://techbookclubberlin.tumblr.com/ 1. If you haven't managed to read the entire book - no problem. Simply focus on one chapter that caught your attention, and think of one good question you'd like to discuss when we meet.

2. If you've read the book already - even better. Bring along some good book reviews or read another book / article by the same author and share your thoughts with the group.

3. Everybody else. Think of a good question you'd like to discuss that's relevant to the topic of the book. We will have one topic per meetup and generally focus our discussion around that. At each meetup, we'll spend about 90 minutes on the book until we open the floor for freestyle techno-philosophising and general hanging out.

We look forward to seeing you!
Your organizers Julia and Jessica

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Upcoming: Women in tech and a book discount!
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Hello tech readers, we've picked a book for one of our next meetups, and you have the opportunity to get a discount on it! We'll be reading "Lean Out", a book about tech culture and its persistent problem with, well, women. Why is it so hard to get more women into technology companies? Why aren’t the great, qualified women already in tech being hired or promoted? Why do we keep hearing about the Ubers of the tech world, where harassment is rampant but leaders act shocked when things become public enough to be embarrassing? Before we find answers, we need to look at what's happening. "Lean Out" collects 25 stories from the modern tech industry, from people who fought GamerGate to women who have started their own companies or who have worked for some of the most successful corporations in the US. The stories are collected by Elissa Shevinsky, whose Twitter feed we recommend you check out because she's full of snark: https://twitter.com/ElissaBeth You can read more about Lean Out here: http://www.orbooks.com/catalog/lean-out/ As members of Tech Book Club, you'll be able to get the book for roughly half the price, thanks to publisher OR Books! The book will cost you roughly 10 Euro, including shipping. Here's how it's going to work: If you want to get your discounted paperback copy of Lean Out, come by to our next meetup this Thursday (March 16) OR send us an email to [masked]. You will need to pay the 10 Euro in advance, and they're not refundable - neither you nor we will get the money back if you change your mind. If you can't make it Thursday, we will let you know how to pay electronically. We will get the copies to you at the next meetup (April), plus there will be an option to pick them up if you can't make that one (see how we're looking out for you?). Also, OR Books will kindly send us an electronic copy, so if you're interested in that one instead of the paperback, send us an email to [masked] as well. That means "Lean Out" is on our reading list for the May meetup! We're super excited to get this first-ever Tech Book Club discount to you. We look forward to seeing you Thursday to discuss tech and public services (details here: https://www.meetup.com/Tech-Book-Club-Berlin/events/237502401/ ) and place your book orders! Julia and Jessica April Update: The book orders have taken a bit longer than we anticipated, so we are moving "Lean Out" to our June meetup. The good news is, if you ordered a book you will be able to pick it up at the May meetup. Thanks for sticking around this little experiment with us! We really appreciate it :)

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