What we're about

The mission of Tech By Choice (http://techbychoice.org/) is to increase the diversity of the tech industry by offering low to no cost tech skill building events, workshops, and classes to anyone that identifies as a person of color, woman, LGTBQ+, differently abled, or those aligned with the space we're creating.

Our vision is to create a space with protected groups as our first priority which will empower individuals to enter the tech industry, whether it be through technical or non technical roles, consequently increasing tech diversity and improving those individuals' careers & lifestyles.

Our Values:

Diversity: Diversity is key to having a well rounded outlook on any problem you may face. They more diverse a team is, is the more life experiences and viewpoints you will be privy to.

Empathy: We ask our members to come to us as they are, so we must remember to be open to meet them where they are.

Intentional: To excel for our members, we must remember to put them first.

Teach: Acquiring knowledge is important, but sharing knowledge is how we grow as a group.

Integrity: In order to keep our space a safe space, we have to make sure all of our decisions are directly inline with our mission and overall vision for our members safety.

Visit our website (http://techbychoice.org/) to learn more!

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