What we're about

The mission of Tech By Choice (http://techbychoice.org/) is to increase the diversity of the tech industry by offering low to no cost tech skill building events, workshops, and classes to anyone that identifies as a person of color, woman, LGTBQ+, differently abled, or those aligned with the space we're creating.

Our vision is to create a space with protected groups as our first priority which will empower individuals to enter the tech industry, whether it be through technical or non technical roles, consequently increasing tech diversity and improving those individuals' careers & lifestyles.

Our Values:

Diversity: Diversity is key to having a well rounded outlook on any problem you may face. They more diverse a team is, is the more life experiences and viewpoints you will be privy to.

Empathy: We ask our members to come to us as they are, so we must remember to be open to meet them where they are.

Intentional: To excel for our members, we must remember to put them first.

Teach: Acquiring knowledge is important, but sharing knowledge is how we grow as a group.

Integrity: In order to keep our space a safe space, we have to make sure all of our decisions are directly inline with our mission and overall vision for our members safety.

Visit our website (http://techbychoice.org/) to learn more!

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TBC Online: Customer Success

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===== RSVP HERE FOR TICKETS ==== https://www.eventbrite.com/e/customer-success-tickets-110357658728 =============================== Are you interested in breaking into the Customer Success community? Join us as we dive into the world of Customer Success. About the Webinar In this webinar, you will learn about the growing field of Customer Success. We'll focus on the role at smaller companies where technical skills, flexibility and creativity are valuable assets. We'll talk about what the role entails and how to break into the customer success community. About the Speaker Megan Caldwell Megan has been working in Customer Success for 5 years at both security and healthcare companies. Her career has been wide ranging including consulting, running a nonprofit and working for tech companies. Megan's personal passions include mentorship and sponsorship of young professionals and healthcare policy. How to Join Attendees will receive a link to the webinar when they complete their purchase, 48 hours prior, 2 hours prior, and 10 minutes before the event begins. About Tech By Choice Increase the diversity of the tech industry by offering low to no-cost tech skill-building events, workshops, and classes to anyone that identifies as a person of color, women, LGTBQ+, differently abled, no matter their immigration status or religious backgrounds, our only requirement is that our members are 18+. About the TBC Online Program Tech By Choice will be holding a series of STEAM & personal growth webinars. These are free to TBC Members who would like to attend. Feel free to drop by for the whole thing or join when you have time. After some editing, we will post the video to our YouTube channel for you to view at your leisure. We're Looking for Sponsorship Want to sponsor or host our next event? Please reach out to us at [masked]! These events are catered for protected groups, though all are welcome. All attendees are expected to abide by the Tech By Choice Code of Conduct--> https://www.techbychoice.org/coc/

Hack and Learn Series

Online event

===== RSVP HERE FOR TICKETS ==== https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hack-and-learn-tickets-110262556274 =============================== About this Event Our Event Our goal is to run a hackathon where we can pair technologists up with local business owners to improve or create an online experience for owners. We understand that moving to a digital space is a marathon and not a sprint. Leading up to the hackathon we will host a number of workshops to support business owners and technologists level up for this event and whatever comes next. Not all hackathons are welcoming to everyone, and they can be intimidating. This is why each member who joins the hackathon portion will be paired with a mentor to help with any issues people may run into. The Issue 2020 has amplified something marginalized communities have been saying for years. Our systems are broken, throughout the globe, and disproportionately affected marginalized communities. Minority business owners and technologists are struggling to stay afloat. Minority business owners struggle to find funding despite the large stimulus packages that were created to save the economy. 74% of black-owned firms applied for the Paycheck Protection Program. Only 40% of those firms where approved putting additional strains on these business owners. Black/African Americans have less access to capital and investment. Harlam Capital reported in 2018 “105 companies with black founders have raised rounds of $1 million or more since the year 2000.” According to CB Insights, Black founder funding was 10x below the demographic equity, citing “in 2015, only 1% of funded startup founders were black, but makeup 11% of the overall US population. As a non-profit focused on representing underserved, and underrepresented technologists, Tech By Choice wants to connect our technologists with the businesses that need support. Less than two-thirds (64%) of small businesses have a website. By 2021 the Global e-commerce sales are expected to reach $4.8 trillion with 2.1 billion shoppers expected to purchase goods and services. People want to spend money ethically, but also want the convenience and safety of online shopping. Hackathon Teams Join a hackathon team to become a technologist that supports change in your local community. By completing this form you will be paired with other members in the community to work with non-technical business owners. Below is a short list of examples of the team members we are looking for. This list does not cover every skill needed to make an impact on business owners. If you do not find yourself in this list STILL APPLY. The application will allow you to describe your skillset. Marketer - POC business owners rely heavily on the value of in-person interactions. We need to create newbie-friendly marketing strategies to help business owners recreate their in-person interactions online. Project Manager - Understanding the business owners' problems and being able to translate and map out the technical requirements to your team. UX Designer - Working with the teams' Project Manager (PM) you will be able to create low fidelity wireframes that allow users to easily achieve the desired action. Designer - Using the wireframe created by your UX teammate you will be able to incorporate the branding supplied by the owner to a visually pleasing interaction for the customers. Frontend Developer - Bring the designs to life digitally by building all of the UI screens and interactions. Backend Developer - Help build out the business logic required to support the workflow created based on the issues the business is trying to solve Accessibility Developer - Confirm that the digital assets created will be able to be used by all types of users. This team member will work with both the designer and the developers to make sure things are accessible from the start

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Conference Speaking Secrets: Judges Tell All

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