Techday by Init 2013

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It's still possible to attend but we are unable to provide lunch to late RSVPs.

Wecome to a full day of tech talks sponsored by Init AB.

Preliminary schedule

• 09.00 - Welcome

• 09.10 - Which are the principal Open Source Licenses...

• 10.00 - Open Source at Spotify

• 10.50 - Open Source and the importance of automatic testing

• 11.40 - Lunch break

• 12.50 - Introduction to DevOps

• 13.20 - Cloud Infrastructure as Code

• 14.10 - ... as a Service

• 14.40 - Coffee break

• 15.10 - Vagrant: your personal cloud

• 16.00 - Docker and Redhat

• 16.40 - Software development is complex and unpredictable

• 17.30 - Closing

• 18.00 and forward - Refreshments and mingle at Init's offices

Talk abstracts

Open Source at Spotify - Noa Resare, Spotify

Noa will talk about Free Software; the unlikely story of a movement and a set of ideas that has changed not only the software industry but society. Using a few examples from Spotify he will illustrate how Free Software components and philosophy is used in the real world to build massively scalable systems.

Open source and the importance of automatic testing - Daniel Stenberg, Haxx

Open source use grows everywhere and with that the importance of delivering verified functionality every time in an ever increasing pace.

With case studies from Rockbox (firmware development), curl (internet tool) and Yocto Project (linux distribution builder)

Cloud Infrastructure as Code - Henrik Lindberg, Puppet Labs Inc

This talk is for anyone that needs to manage infrastructure; ranging from system administrators managing large server farms, or armadas of desktop computers to individual developers who need to set up virtual machines for testing purposes or to communicate with inhouse operations about their application's deployment needs.

Docker, software in a box - Alexander Larsson, Red Hat

Docker is a new system for using containers on Linux. This session will describe what containers are, what Docker is, how it works and why it is useful. Then it will give a short demonstation of using docker.

… as a Service - Claes Jakobsson, Init AB

With the advent of cheap computing power elsewhere such as AWS where you pay per CPU time there’s very little reason to run your own physical infrastructure anymore for most business. Higher in the stack we find PaaS (Platform as a service) that also takes care of the software infrastructure you run your apps on.

Vagrant: your personal cloud - Jim Svensson, Init AB

Sometimes all this cloud computing can be quite overwhelming with all its focus on large installations and super scalability. Sometimes you only need a simple way to create a virtual machine to test out something. Enter Vagrant that makes the complicated simple and convenient. Your own personal cloud is only a few simple commands away. We will during the presentation describe the functionality in Vagrant and give a few demonstrations of different use cases.

Which are the principal Open Source licenses? Why are there so many? Which one should I choose? - Jonas Linde, Init AB

This talk covers the differences between various Open Source licenses such as GPL, BSD, Apache, Mozilla, CC and Affero. It also gives an introduction to intellectual property law and the legal status of this family of licenses. Finally we'll see if an answer exists to the question of which Open Source License is Best(TM).

Software development is complex and unpredictable - Marcus Ahnve

I have never been in a project that has had a stable velocity. I find it really hard to write down in advance what a system should do, even in a story format. Sometimes I find that the choice of process, agile or not, really doesn't affect outcome. I don't think I'm alone.

With the help of the Cynefin Framework and Medium Number Systems I will show why software development is complex and unpredictable, and that the problems stated above only are logical consequences.

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