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High Tech Inventors + Creative Coders + Creative Sales People = $$$$$ Income
High Tech Inventors + Creative Coders + Creative Sales People = $$$$$ Income. * Are You One or Want to Be One? * If So, Join Us in This Meetup * Talk About Trying New Things Like; Trying to Design & Build Yourself a Life Size Autonomous Humanoid Robot, That Can Also Be Used As Your Avartar. * 3D & 4D Printing * Brain Computer Interface for Remote Controlling Things * *** Inadequate Coding is a major factor retarding the growth & usability of new autonomous robot Ai products. Creative Coders can fix this. At this Meetup. See Some of the 3D Printed Parts being Used for The 8 Foot Tall Autonomous Humanoid Robot Design & Build Project. Come Invest Some of Your Time Here. Feel What Happens. The Goal is To Greatly Increase Your Income, So You Can Afford To Buy My Cutting Edge Tech Products & Services. * The Place For Opportunities Far Too Numerous To Count or Even Imagine, Waiting For Your Participation Now * Experierced or Inexperienced All May Participate, If You So Choose. ***** Copy & Create & Innovate & Additive Manufacture ***** Forge Dreams Into Reality ***** See Some More Options for Possible Talking & Doing Meetup Sessions ~ * Once 18 Spots Have Been Reserved To, The Meetup Will Be Booked At One of These Locations: * Polsky Exchange North * 2nd Floor 1452 E. 53rd Street *** Chicago, IL. * Sundays thru Saturdays ~ 7:30am - 11:30pm * Polsky Exchange South * 2nd Floor 1463 E 53rd St, Chicago, IL 60615 * Mondays thru Fridays * WeWork Coworking Space ~ With Global Locations Including, Downtown Chicago ~ Mondays thru Fridays * Comment to Your Location & Time Preferences *

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What we're about

This group was formed to try to educate ourselves and the public to the purpose, value and availability of new technologies. We will always try to constantly acquire and accumulate various new high tech products. Our purpose of doing this will be for examination, evaluation, fun and to play with new high tech products. We will be taking high tech products apart and putting them back together. We will promote Science, Technology, Engineering & Math ( STEM ) as key things the public should actively participate in.

Want to deal with the extremely rapidly creating of and evolving of technology today. Let us come together to discuss the possible benefits and harm, the utilization of these cutting edge products may have on us. We will select any new technological product that deeply grabs our attention and try to come up with the means to acquisition them. We will then try to find or put together a minimum 150,000 sq. ft. community lab/shop to hangout in to study, test, talk about and play with some of the new cutting edge high tech products. We will: discuss the results and try to come up with ways to improve the products and discover additional applications of use for products – see if we can find, formulate and apply methods to profit from this – continually acquire even more new tech products to work with.

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Tech Force ChicagoLand is extremely dedicated to the goal of more Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) for all of the people of the USA. And for all of people of The World. That is approx. 7.375 Billion People.

We especially want to get more Women involved in STEM.

Want To Help? Ask 10 People or so, to Check Out This Website, to see if they can find anything of interest to them here.

The acquisition of a permanent location, some Space Glasses, 3D printers with different capabilities will be among our early goals.

Come Join Us? We Need You. We Want You Now.

1,500 New Active Members Urgently Needed Now. Active Member is one that participates in one or more Tech Force ChicagoLand Events per month. Make this part of Level 2 Goals Happen & I will make the minimum 150,000 sq. ft. community Lab/Shop to hangout in Happen.

The Exploration, The Cultivation and The Colonization of Outer Space and The Oceans for Industrialism, Recreation, Education, Vast Job Opportunities, Wealth and Fun. The Time to Talk and Plan is Now.

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