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"Tech Leads NW" is a meet up for leaders to share ideas, benefit from the experience others and create better working environments.

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TLNW is back with a bang. I know what you're thinking. Why on earth would I extend my day with yet another zoom call? From the publishers that brought you the Phoenix Project, Team Topologies, DevOps Handbook and Accelerate we've only gone and secured an interactive session with the authors of the number one best-seller "Sooner Safer Happier." Released on 10th November, Sooner Safer Happier documents patterns and antipatterns for business agility based on observations from 100’s of organisations. The session will use Mentimeter to explore core drivers for organisational change and key obstacles that are experienced within organisations today. You'll also have an opportunity to ask the authoring team about the patterns and anti-patterns in your organisation. I committed to only scheduling a remote session if it genuinely got me excited. Trust me, this is a session that you do not want to miss. Agenda Why, How and What? Patterns & Anti-Patterns for business agility Q&A “A must-read for every leader in technology. Describes the cultural shift to focus on continuous delivery of value measured by customer feedback.” https://itrevolution.com/sooner-safer-happier/ Zoom (ID:[masked], password:[masked]) Link available upon RSVP.

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