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Back to basics: the mess we're making out of OOP

Back to basics: the mess we're making out of OOP


Object-oriented is (still) the most broadly used programming paradigm. The problem is, most of the times, even though we’re using an OO programming language (or primarily OO, considering languages tend to be multi-paradigm) our code is more procedural than object-oriented, not taking advantage of this programming style’s teachings, along with what the languages offer us in this regard.

In this session, some ideas will be shared on what we could do to improve our code, making our life easier with more understandable code and taking better advantage of our languages’ capabilities. None of these ideas are new, but it seems as if we just forget them and get back to the same old mess.

Speaker: João Antunes works as a software engineer, mostly with .NET technologies, but he likes to play around with other tech as well. Earlier this year he was awarded as a Microsoft MVP in the developer technologies category. For more info check out

Extras: There will be pizza and beer powered by BOLD.

This Meet Up will be presented in english.

Torre Zen - Avenida Dom João II, 41, 5º piso · Lisboa, al