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TypeScript in Server Side - Deno & Node.js

Online event

Server Side JavaScript is associated with awesome Node.js platform and enormous infrastructure around it. However, in the past years the situation started to change: - Using TypeScript becomes a standard for backend developers, - Deno is a new huge trend and a player on the market. Let's have a look closer into this topics: A walk through Deno Land by Luca Casonato @lcasdev Deno is a simple, modern, and secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript that uses V8 and is built in Rust. Let's take a look at what you can do with it and what makes it special --- Running a NodeJS API @ ING and why we added typescript by Remco Gubbels @RemcoGubbels 5 years ago my squad started with our new API in NodeJS, over these years we have encountered several challenges and room for improvement. In this talk I’ll describe why we started with a NodeJS API in an organization that is mainly JVM based, what we have learned during these years and why we added typescript as an extra ‘layer’,

Web Components in Action

Online event

The "Web Components in Action" workshop is hosted by ING for engineers who willing to improve their software development skills and qualifications in Web Technologies. The workshop extends JavaScript programming language knowledge, overviews general software design patterns. It is focused on Web Components standards and technologies built on top of them, like Lit-HTML and Lit-Element. In 8 hours we will: - Overview Custom Elements & Shadow DOM Web Standards - Try lit-html, lit-element libraries by Google. Also, compare them with other modern solutions - Practice common patterns and use cases - Deep dive into libraries developed inhouse by ING - Discuss features, build process of Lion Web Components and open-wc Agenda: - Custom Elements specification and its practical aspects (Getters and Setters; Specification; Standalone Elements; Built-in Elements; LifeCycle Hooks) - Shadow DOM, Slots, styles, and events (Shadow DOM; Dom; Slots; Events; Styles) - Web Standards and modern libraries (HTML Template; ES6 Templates literals; Type Module) - Lion Web Components (Introduction to lit-html and lit-element; What and why is lion; Technology stack; UI components) - open-wc tooling --- - Alex Korzhikov, [masked] - Joren Broekema, [masked] - Pascal Schilp, [masked]

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