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Welcome to the Tech Talent South Dallas Meetup group!

Here you can find information about Tech Talent South's community events and information on how Tech Talent South is empowering you to do something BIG!

Each Tech Talent South meetup gives attendees the opportunity to network and connect with other life-long-learners and lovers of tech and startups. This is an inclusive group, welcoming both newbies and seasoned members of the community. All of our Meetup group members are invited to share their knowledge with the group by leading a talk or workshop.

Our Meetups allow us the opportunity to contribute to the local startup and tech scene through free events including hands-on workshops and talks. It also gives us the opportunity to identify and connect with people who are interested in tech and programming and provide valuable information to them about the local tech scene including our course offerings.

Tech Talent South's (www.techtalentsouth.com (http://www.techtalentsouth.com/)) mission is to develop more tech talent in the South through immersive beginner-focused programs teaching web development and computer programming. We empower creative thinkers in the DFW area with the skills they need to drive innovation. Students come out of our program with a tremendous foundation in web development and the skills to code, design, and ship dynamic database-backed web applications. Creative thinkers and entrepreneurs are empowered with the skills to quickly develop their ideas and push them live to the web.

In addition to offering free camps that kids can attend with their parents, Tech Talent South offers a variety of courses for adults in the Dallas area.
Our course offering includes:

Code Immersion (https://www.techtalentsouth.com/courses/code-immersion/)

Javascript App Development (https://www.techtalentsouth.com/courses/javascript-application-development/)

DevOps and Continuous Integration (https://www.techtalentsouth.com/courses/devops-and-continuous-integration/)

and more!

We are always looking for passionate, persistent, and creative people looking to do something BIG in Dallas. If that sounds like you, check out our website (https://techtalentsouth.com (https://techtalentsouth.com/)) to learn more.

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Make Money with Your Wordpress Blog

Fat Bear Coworking

Need to set up another stream of income? Starting an online business outlet for your company? Monitizing a blog or mobile app? Come and find out the details in setting up an ecommerce project, from choosing a project or business name to SSL certificate, what happens during the 5 minute WooCommerce plugin install and new changes in cryptocurrency rigs, updated for 2019. Peter Walker has been on the online journey for 30 years, starting with the Star Fleet Command BBS in October 1988. His experience helps professionals and business owners by producing mobile applications and web sites that work hard for them. His professional marketing methods and methodologies include Project Management, content editing & managing, User eXperience and User Interface (UX/UI), full stack HTML5 development and WordPress websites & web applications. Reserve your spot to this FREE Meetup on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/how-to-make-money-with-your-wordpress-blog-tickets-54370226812

Intro to Web Design Bootcamp Orientation

Fat Bear Coworking

Do you want to build and launch a website for your business or personal brand? Ever needed an online portfolio highlighting your experience and projects? Our Introduction to Web Design and Creation 4-week course is the answer to taking control of your web presence and building the site you need. In this beginner-focused course, students are given the skills needed to design, code, and launch polished custom websites. Students will learn the fundamental tools of front-end development (HTML/CSS, Javascript), each student who completes this course leaves with several beautiful live websites to call their own. The 4-week course culminates in a capstone project in which each student deploys a website for their very own company, portfolio, or personal brand. Forget your paper resume... send people to your website! Please register on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/intro-to-web-design-bootcamp-orientation-tickets-51969713813 Our Intro to Web Design and Creation Bootcamp starts January 29th. If you're interested in this course, and want more info visit our website: https://www.techtalentsouth.com/locations/dallas-tx If you're ready to enroll fill out this short app to schedule your interview and get started: https://www.techtalentsouth.com/apply-dallas-tx If you have any question please contact Monica (monica@techtalentsouth)

How to Start a Podcast for Your Business or Startup in 2019

Capital Factory + The DEC

Thinking about starting a podcast in 2019? Don't miss this event: It’s all about how to plan and launch a podcast that will help you network and reach potential clients and customers for your business or startup. You’ll get podcasting tips and tricks from an experienced professional who has helped dozens of businesses launch successful shows and learn everything you need to know to launch your own show in 2019. Bring your questions too! About our Speaker: Aaron Dowd a professional podcast producer and editor who has been helping businesses and startups launch and grow podcasts since 2013. In 2015, he launched The Podcast Dude, a show all about podcasting that is currently featured in the What’s Hot section in multiple categories in Apple’s podcast directory. He also created Successful Podcasting, an in-depth online course about podcasting. During the day, he works as the Customer Success Lead at Simplecast (one of the leading podcast hosting and technology companies) and plays drums in a local Texas rock & roll band on his nights & weekends. Please register on Eventbrite for this FREE event: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/how-to-start-a-podcast-for-your-business-or-startup-in-2019-tickets-54872977553

Getting Started with React.js

Fat Bear Coworking

Learn how to get started with one of the hottest javascript frameworks on the planet: REACT.JS!

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All About Virtual Reality

Fat Bear Coworking

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