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We are the New York City local of Tech Workers Coalition. We strive to build worker power and an inclusive & equitable tech industry through rank & file self-organization and education. We discuss and take action on the impacts of technology on workers and communities.

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Worker's Inquiry - Last one of 2020!

Online event

We, the workers in the tech industry, know what our own working conditions are like. We have reactions to them and should develop stronger opinions about what we want in a good workplace. Karl Marx supported French workers through this exercise. Of it, he said: “[Workers] alone can describe with full knowledge the misfortunes from which they suffer and that only they, and not saviors sent by providence, can energetically apply the healing remedies for the social ills by which they are preyed upon.” Tech workers in the United States occupy a unique and rapidly changing position in today's labor market. Although often portrayed as enjoying relatively cushy lifestyles, tech workers remain subject to the same market forces which have historically driven wages down, dissolved employee benefits, and crushed otherwise safe careers in many other industries. At the same time, tech work is often complicit in the erosion of these protections by way of "disruption", which reduces once well-protected jobs to more precarious and lower paid positions. In this discussion, we will talk openly and frankly with each other about our working conditions, and what to do about them. Nervous about attending your first meeting? Read our onboarding doc! https://bit.ly/twc-nyc-onboarding If you have any questions or requests regarding accessibility, please reach out to us (via this email) and we will do our best to address them! Zoom details available on RSVP

Presenting: A Tech Workers Bill of Rights

Online event

Join tech workers from across the country as we celebrate our inaugural Tech Workers Bill of Rights. For the past 2 months, tech workers have been discussing, compiling, editing, and finetuning responses to the question “What protections do tech workers deserve at work?” We’re proud to present this first draft for feedback and chart a course for cross-sector advocacy for 2021.

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Post Prop 22: Discussion and Next Steps

Online event

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