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Given the rate at which technology is advancing, It is inevitable that there is no clearly defined track to enter job-market in Software. It could be overwhelming for a novice to pick a right direction assuring success . This necessitates a little guidance in this jungle of choices. We want to ease the process by offering workshops on several topics which we believe are of industry relevance.

To keep pace with changing software tools is also an ordeal. To learn on one's own in a limited time could prove to be challenging and less motivating. I t is more so for women of all ages attempting to enter or reenter software job-market while playing difficult gender-roles.

Through these workshops, we intend providing a nurturing learning atmosphere to women who want to pick up the right tools and topics of current relevance to the computing industry to navigate their way comfortably. We offer workshops starting from elementary topics to advanced in computing area.Soon a list of such topics will be made available.

We can get you started on cool technologies and tools to move one step forward.

NOTE: It is illegal to video/audio record or take photos in any of our events without prior permission of the Organizer.

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