What we're about

The Tech x Marketing Network is the largest community of tech marketing professionals in Finland.

We believe the Helsinki region has one of the most vibrant networks of marketing professionals in the world. So, we want to connect every tech marketing professional in the Helsinki region, with the goal of networking and learning from each other's work experiences to become a better marketeer.

How we do it:
We organize workshops, keynotes, seminars and networking events in different locations of Helsinki, where you get to meet other Marketing professionals and learn from others' real experiences at work.

How you can make an impact:
If you want to learn about a specific topic or want give a presentation of a real case from your work, just say it in the group and we'll take the topic into account for the next event.

Who can join:
This group is targeted for people working in marketing roles within tech companies (e.g. software or Internet-related services). There is no strict limit for how many years of work experience you need to have. Yet, as the purpose of this group is to learn from each other, we hope you bring expertise of some working years into the group. Unfortunately students are not accepted at this point.

We will separately review each join request.

Group Rules:
- Every feedback and topic proposal is welcome. Speak up here so we can take the feedback to the next event!

- No publicity: if you advertise your product or company in a way it is understood as commercial, you will be out of the group. Recruiting will be considered publicity as well.

- No branded hosting: if you want to offer your company's office for the event, that's great. But for now, we don't approve sponsored presentations nor sponsored events by the company nor company hosts.

- Thank you for understanding!

For any additional requests, please contact any of the admins.

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