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The Federation

Federation Street, Federation House · M4 2AH

How to find us

2 mins walk from Victoria station and Shudehill bus/ tram station (We're in-between both - a big red building, door on the corner)

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When you create your "tech for good" product are you designing one that actually creates social good?

Prove it!

Do you measure your impact and tweak your product accordingly? And how on earth do we even measure social good? Social good is complicated and we cant get it perfectly right all of the time - but we've at least got to try. If not, what's even the point? Just another app to put in for awards that will never actually get used?

Join us on Wednesday the 24th April to hear from those working on social impact measurement for tech products.


>Monika Neall - The Pebble
"Common pitfalls in impact measurement"
Monika is an Impact Consultant, working with organisations and individuals on strategy, communications and fundraising to help them make a bigger difference. At this event Monika will discuss some of the common pitfalls in impact measurement and management and simple steps to avoid them.

>Lauren Coulman - Noisy Cricket
"The Process is as important as the outcome"
Social impact consultancy Noisy Cricket builds people-powered movements through bringing diverse voices together to create social change. When designing for social impact, often the process is as important as the outcome, so how to measure when you’re facilitating change on the go? For Lauren Coulman, it’s through the engagement and behaviours of the businesses, charities and public sector teams brought together to co-create a homeless employment solution alongside those impacted, and the community built even before the product is launched.

>Dr Alice Mathers - Good Things Foundation
"Impact that lasts"
Alice is Head of Research and Evaluation at Good Things Foundation, the UK’s leading digital and social inclusion charity, who have supported over 2.7 million excluded people to improve their digital skills since 2010. She will talk about how she developed their Theory of Change, and how Good Things Foundation is using this to understand the social impact of digital inclusion activities, develop their outcomes approach and why social change through digital should start with personal goals not KPIs.

>Rose Acton - Aida Health
"Research in early stage startups"
@adia_health @roseacton
Rose is a co-founder of Adia a digital support platform for women’s fertility health. Adia provides at home fertility tests, a preconception health plan and access to fertility experts. Rose will talk about their work embedding research and impact measurement in an early stage startup. She’ll talk about some of the challenges, and ask whether it’s possible to combine the iterative startup approach to product development with structured research on impact?

6:30 Arrival for food, drinks and networking
- We have alcohol, non alcohol, vegetarian and vegan
- If you don't fancy networking, the venue has plenty of space for you to sit and chill. (and wifi!)
7:00 Speaking stuff starts.
- 5 min intro
- 4 x 10 min speaker sessions
- 15 min panel Q&A
- 10 min Lightening talks
- 5 min round up
8:30 speaking stuff ends. Time for more drinks, food and networking
9:00ish - event close

We'll also have space for brief "lightning" talks on the night, where anyone will have a chance to speak for up to 3 minutes on something that helps more people do good with tech. (If you have an announcement, but don't want to get up and speak - hand a note to Bex and she'll do it for you. or post it on this meet-up page)

We are proud to be sponsored by The Federation, Co-op Foundation and Luminate Group

You can follow us on twitter: and use the hashtag #tfgl

We will be taking photos for promo - if you'd rather not be in them, tell Tom on the day. (He has a big camera)

Please keep your RSVP up to date as we often have high demand, but a fair few no-shows on the night.

See you there!