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AI vision and checkout experience – what’s the next stop?

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AI is fun. We all dream of building such machines, but will we indeed be successful in building such things to replace us, the humans? For sure, humanity will keep trying.
Until then, we focus on using AI to improve the user experience creating the next checkout solution with no more queues for just a bottle of water.

Autonomous stores are closer than you think to becoming a reality. By simplifying the checkout process, stepping inside a store will not be such demanding when you’re in a rush.

Join us to share our first-year journey, which brought us to build an autonomous store using machine learning – AI vision.

It was born as a research product in collaboration with Politehnica Bucharest University, on its way to becoming a real checkout solution deployed in production.

During the event, you can test live our concept, challenge, and get all the insights related to machine learning, checkout, and more.

Language: English
Please be aware that we have limited seats at the venue that will be occupied on a first-come, first-served basis.

Checkout domain and Concept store presentation: 30 min
AI vision technology presentation: 30 min
Live demo and Q&A: 45 min


  • Gabriel Stanciu - .NET Developer, Tech lead @METRO.digital; joined METRO.digital 9 years ago and has developed the Checkout Domain ever since.

  • Teodor Niculescu - Data Scientist @METRO.digital, Master's degree in AI Vision, passionate and skilled in AI.

  • Eduard Cojocea - Consultant @METRO.digital, Ph.d Candidate in AI Vision and author of multiple concepts based on AI.

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