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What we’re about

This group gives you the events that will be created for our community of Detroit and its surrounding cities throughout Michigan.  

We bring all computer professionals and aspiring tech developers together whether they are in Tech support, programmers, web developers, computer system analysts, IT security, and Network engineers so that they meet and help each other succeed or to just have a long term friendship that can last a lifetime. 

Please join whether you:

-You have a startup company and you want to network or hire people who have the right skills for your company

-Working for a company and would like to make new connections

-You are a recruiter 

-You are in the job market and you want to make new connections

-You're a business owner and would like to make new connections. 

-You want to grow your network so that you can help each other.

+Others professional  computer related businesses are welcome.  You can find people and new connections at this meet-up.   

We follow all of meetup rules and regulations.  If you have any issues, please contact them at the email below on the help tab.   

Every single day there are new members joining.  These are all great opportunities for you to make connections and meet like-minded people.  The purpose of this group is to provide value for other people in the community. 

We treat everyone equally at this meetup regardless of status, sex, age, or belief system.  Its always great to meet others in the tech industry and see what they are doing.  

***This group is open for anyone that would like to host meetups***