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- How can we create experiences that are more relevant and meaningful to our visitors?
- What new ways of working do we need to adopt as we explore creating digital visitor experiences?

Our online event will be an engaging and participatory 2 ½ hours starting promptly at 4pm with some breaks and a chance to meet others on the call. There will be 4 speakers with break-out sessions in smaller groups after these sessions so you can discuss what you have heard with other colleagues in your field. You will be able to share questions with the speakers via shared google docs/sheets.

1) Sue Bush, Creative Director and Owner, Touchpoint Design (https://touchpointdesign.co.uk/)
Navigating your brand towards the new ‘normal’ – Strategic and tactical opportunities for cultural & heritage organisations

2) Emma McFarland (https://www.studioemc.co.uk/), Head of Innovation Lab - The National Gallery Innovation Programme
Part of the digital team at The National Gallery, Emma's main
Emma McFarland joined The National Gallery in May 2019 to lead on a brand new Innovation Programme and will specifically use a case study for an upcoming exhibition digital experience which will launch in December. Emma's talk will focus specifically on the process of innovation, radically embedding new ways of working across the organisation and with external collaborators, and most importantly co-designing with visitors. What does it mean... for our relationships with our audiences and visitors, our mindsets, behaviours and ways of working and the data we collect…. to embark on a mission to integrate innovation processes into a heritage organisation? And how do we start this transformative journey?

3) Claire Morely, Virtual Natural History Museum project.
Claire is a freelance video game designer and artist with a scientific background in geology and palaeontology. Claire will be talking about her involvement in the upcoming Virtual Natural History Museum - a project developed by palaeontologist Dave Marshall. The V-NHM aims to provide a fun and easily accessible online resource for some of the world's vast digital museum collections, which are currently difficult to access by members of the public. These digital collections are an incredible resource, particularly while in our current climate we cannot access museums physically. Claire will talk about the development of the project, her work as the artist, and the upcoming plans for the V-NHM.

3) Viki Johnson, VR/AR Developer
Viki has been working in augmented and virtual reality for over two years, creating experiences to bring heritage and cultural locations to life with modern technologies. Viki will talk about some of the interactive experiences she has worked on, what worked well, and what unexpected hurdles were faced on the projects. Bringing heritage sites to life in photo realistic quality via augmented reality.

Please plan to come to the call in advance and our tech hosting team will check your tech, wifi, sound, video and give you a tour of zoom to make sure you are confident to engage with the content once the event starts and able to participate fully. This tech support session will take 10 mins max and the team will be available from 15:00 - 16:00. After this tech intro, you could mute your call and get on with things at home before the event starts proper at 16:00. Even if you are tech-savvy, please do come for this brief introduction to make sure all your tech is working.

You can access the Zoom event - https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81508561857

The password is T4GSW

We will be using an open google sheet for the session -

If you have any issues with access please contact [masked].