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Showcase your Business to Investors
Please note! It is required that you book your tickets through the following link: (RSVP is not enough) It's Time to Stop Learning and Start Doing! This event is designed to help you showcase your business in front of an audience and show a room full of investors what your business is all about! At this event, you can: • pitch your business and exhibit in front of prominent funders • maximise your brand awareness • network with entrepreneurs, lenders and funders • develop a strong personal network that will open up doors and build mutually beneficial relationships. If you purchase the Business Showcase ticket then, you will be able to set up your pop up stand, invite an additional guest and receive a 5-minute slot for your company presentation. We will require you to send your presentation slides/pitch deck at [masked]. Not ready to showcase your business? Come as an attendee and get inspired, informed and connected with the funders and the showcasing companies. Great news! There are sponsorship opportunities available; explore them at Some of the Investors you will meet: • Funding London • Crowd For Angels • Angel Investment Network • Alternative Business Funding • QVentures • Startup Funding Club • ScaleUP • Edge Investment • Octopus Investments • Crowdcube • Augmentum Capital Plan your evening: • 5.45 - 6.15pm Arrival & Registration • 6.15 - 6.25pm Welcome from BFS • 6.25 - 6.40pm Introduction to Funders • 6.40 - 7.20pm Business Showcase: Pitching • 7.20 - 8.00pm Business Showcase: Fair • 8.00 - 8.30pm Networking with Drinks Why not benefit from a member’s discount? You can now join the Business Funding Club, a premier network connecting entrepreneurs, funders, and service providers. BFC members gain access to exclusive events, showcase opportunities at BFS workshops, consultations and access to, an online matching service for entrepreneurs and VCs. View all benefits and sign up here: Organisers: Business Funding Show Originally the first-ever funding exhibition for the UK & EU, is now a series of events bringing together high potential SMEs and leading financial institutions to ensure UK’s business growth. Host: WeWork WeWork is a platform for creators. Get in touch to learn more: ***WeWork security request*** WeWork has requested that all attendees provide us with: - Full name - Email, and - Company name Note: You may not be allowed into the building if you do not provide the above RSVP We appreciate your cooperation in updating your RSVP to be an accurate representation of whether you will attend. Secure your tickets at TICKETS TO THIS EVENT ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

WeWork Paddington

2 Eastbourne Terrace, London W2 6LG · London

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What we're about

The One-stop shop for SMEs, Start-ups and Scale ups!

We bring people in the Silicon Roundabout together to discuss, share, pitch and network.

In London’s competitive investment climate, entrepreneurs often lack the business connections and brand awareness to get the attention of potential funders, and at the same time many investors don't have a pipeline into early-stage technology and Internet companies.

TechCitizen provides a unique funnel for innovators to interact with a wide range of investors, present their plans, receive expert feedback, bring in strong leadership, and pave the way for them to receive angel and institutional funding.

The focus of the groups is to host events on business and personal development for startups/scale ups. We can also organise events that your members suggest. Also, we place lots of emphasis on Mentoring and face to face meetings.

Examples of our events include – law, finance, accounting, marketing, sales, PR, pitching, mentoring, etc. most of these are free to attend. I would suggest to have a look at our meetup page to see the standards of our events.

Strategic Partner:

London and Partners, TechUK, F6s, DIT, Bloomberg, WeWork, European Expert network, Woto, Radium services, Swiss impulse, Ourfield, Thinkingaroundcorners.

The Mayor's International Business Programme ( helps high-growth businesses from London’s Technology, Life Sciences and Urban sectors, to expand internationally. Tailored to fit a company’s specific international growth ambitions, the programme provides a bespoke mentoring scheme, delivered by leading entrepreneurs and business leaders; expert advice and workshops; targeted trade missions; and access to live leads and opportunities.

Tech Citizen Entrepreneurship Academy (TCEA)

As we approach our 300th event with this meetup group, our members have requested that we have a framework that will help them to progress up the Entrepreneurship ladder.
This will enable members to see what more they need to do and for the co-hosts to assess the quality and feedback from the events. For this reason, we have designed 10 modules for Entrepreneurship development.

Action plan

You and your team should attend events for all the modules below. You will only get out of this meetup group what you put into it.

Common mistake

Avoid focusing on or spending a disproportionate amount of time just on one or two of the modules; this is a fundamental/fatal mistake. All the 10 modules are important and we suggest you get a good understanding of all their content.

Proactive and preparation

Planning and preparation to create a road map is the key to success. You will need to be proactive and have a plan whereby you have good knowledge of each module, 12 to 18 month before you need it.

Relevant resource

The Number 1 Skill That Entrepreneurs Use in Their Business- Antony Robbins:


For startups teams to build their competence and skillset/mindset in all the 10 modules, as early as possible in the business life cycle.


The modules are listed together with a competence level (/10 for each module) and a time frame for completion. We will reference our events and workshops to each of the 10 modules below:

Description Competence Time frame

1. Managing teams

Module: MT

Content: hiring, training, culture, communication

change, engagement, incentives, team, leadership

2. Marketing & Sales

Module: MS

Content: Growth hacking, CRM, BI, customer, personas,

partnerships, PR, Branding, traction, Go to market

3. Finance & Accounting

Module: MA

Content: Financial management and modelling, margins,

accounting, pricing, cash flow, financial statements, reporting

4. Legal & Compliance

Module: LC

Content: Employment law, IP, Trade marks, regulation,

contracts, privacy, term sheets, stock/shares

5. Market fit

Module: MF

Content: Testing, Market research, Pivot, market size,

competitor analysis, monetisation, value proposition

6. Funding & Investment

Module: FI

Content: Investment, SEIS/EIS, pitching, presentation,

Business plans (SWOT, Goals, vision), milestones

7. Product development

Module: PD

Content: Lean start up, MVP, UX/UI, outsourcing, 10x,

outsourcing, back/front end, iteration/improvements

8. Operations & Logistics

Module: OL

Content: Admin, procedure/process/policy, risks, governance,

suppliers, IT, KPIs, Metrics, Ratios

9. Scale up strategy

Module: SS

Content: Growth, expansion, execution, export

country beach head

10. Personal development

Module: PD

Content: Founders mindset, resilience, persistence,

proactive, performance, time management, discipline

“Investment ready”

Requirements, to be in the top 1 %:

1. 10 slide pitch deck,

2. Pitching practice,

Practice makes perfect.

There is no substitute for practice.

3. Business plan

Pitch deck and pitching to Investor

All companies that pitch at the event will use the same pitch deck.

If your company would like to pitch to the investors, then request the
“10 slide pitch deck – 5 min pitch” template.

First, you will have to send me all 7 items/information about your company:

1.description, 2. age, 3. stage, 4. team, 5. investments, 6. Traction, 7. Website.

Investor meeting conduct

You will get to meet with many investors in this meetup group. Follow this code:

1. Primarily, research and read the Investors website, in particular their portfolio. 2. Investigate and check if the VC is a relevant fit for you and your company. 3. Be prepared to spend a percentage of your time on a regular basis to get investment. 4. There are no short/quick fixes to the investment process. 5. You will need to meet with several investors over a long period of time. 6. Do not form a queue in order to talk to a VC, during the networking session. 7. Do not cold approach investors. It is better to get to know them by a warm introduction from a person within their network

Four stages of growth and Investment

Tech investors make Tech investment based on the Tech Milestones that you achieve

These are guidelines for you to follow, when looking for investors/investment:

Stage 1: Idea

Investment size – up to £ 50 k

Risk to investor - Extremely high

Milestones - You have a good idea and are putting together a team.

You will need to form a UK based company.

Stage 2: Seed stage

Investment size – up to £ 150 k (SEIS)

Risk to investor - High

Milestones - You product has been successfully tested and you are about to launch.

You also have a great team.

You will need to register for "HMRC: SEIS Advanced assurance"

Stage 3: Revenue

Investment size – up to £ 250 k

Risk to investor - Medium

Milestones - Your company has recurring UK revenues and significant traction.

Both the quality and the quantity of the revenue/traction is important

Stage 4: Growth

Investment size – over £ 250 k

Risk to investor - Low

Milestones - Everything is in place and your company is looking to expand and scale

Your GPS system

Emphasis is on Growth, Profitability and Scalability_Sustainability

- by using industry best practises.

Jason Huertas (, author of My Startup Failed, says this is common, writing:

“You think that you know it all. After all, you’re already successful in your mind, so who cares what others have to say? Fight that urge every day…You know nothing.”

Harvard Business School’s Shikhar Ghosh explains the problem like this:

"Start-ups often fail because founders and investors neglect to look before they leap, surging forward with plans without taking the time to realize that the base assumption of the business plan is wrong. They believe they can predict the future, rather than try to create a future with their customers. Entrepreneurs tend to be single-minded with their strategies—wanting the venture to be all about the technology or all about the sales, without taking time to form a balanced plan…failure is the norm."

Top 1 %

Successful Business model is ALL 3:

- high Tech,

- solid Business best practice, &

- disciplined Entrepreneurs

Start up stands for:

S calability

T eam

A real need

R evenue (rule breaker)

T hird party validation

U SP (users)

P rototype (MVP)

Important Cs

***Collaboration***Content***Contacts***Cash flows***Concepts


Personal Development

Confidence, Discipline, Motivation, Positivity, Optimism, Communication,

Time management, Leadership, Focus, Health, Self-Esteem, Resilience,

Resourcefulness, Teamwork, Proactive, Initiative, Personality, Passion, Character,

Corporate functions

IT, Finance, H.R., Customer services, Governance, Compliance, Marketing,

Sales, Product dev, Project Mgt, Operations, Enterprise, Export, Risk,

Purchasing and Inventory, Legal, Admin.

Planning and Performance

Forecasting, Monitoring, Metrics, Measurement, Deliverables, Deadlines

Targets/Goals, Achievements


Methodology, Execution, Network, Tutor, Organisation, Results

Revenue model

Projection, Forecasts, Metrics, cost of Acquisition, Repeat customers


Supply, Demand, Risk, Size, Segmentation, Disruption, Market research,

Market data, Market fit, Tracking, Saturation, Maturity, Message, Barriers,

New markets, Adjacent markets, Market niche





To be in Business, you have to know about Business.

Reasons why startup fail:

10 tips to deliver a successful Silicon Valley pitch. Check it out here:

Chris O’Donnell of Brooklyn Bridge Ventures offers an inside look at his calendar and activities to display how he spends his time in “What the Heck Does a VC Do All Week Anyway? (*W3XHwff30rpCgW2HH0mD8JrhN50/*W1MqK9d89xtddW1C5yHT4T9dJP0/5/f18dQhb0S65P2jVZsxW12hl181f7ZtbW53xcq05Yx4r9W2SfsHC707wYPN37SC0SmqPfZW29ykW98q-RTqW540W4028f6kbMM0GNzrvYpdN8FlyDPh9PXYW6XnDJg71L6spN6R5vYltb_mjW6Rp7M65Nr6k7W2HzXlN3GjYhbN6c-7-j1xqfsW23DNxv7jJKGzW1rsDX61C3rSYW2fGK9n5WvkW6W1PNP402yc_NJW35_Tv-2zc_VsVjLD4K1tRBfdW5GZYRK4YDfHzW2xfj3S229CZ6W6krfrk66VzYVW7wT1QD5gVjlxW5n4v6N40_52RW6mcn1v9l6KsLW67Cjlv4xlJXfW3ZghW35zkjJcW9fbsVK2RlTpZW2pMNNC5kkT0bW833Bq98YPTpNW6w-Zq95tTHp8W6yVXYz4CjYK9W6c_tf44mBmj0W1R4RHc5PWM82W4kqyZl6cFdzhW7ccDz76wDzXrW3Kxmsy8DnmDGVlC_N158QQ6zW1Wb7_s2YgnJNW1S6X986mmXPZW8b_Qgg31bF8fN2qGcX2tzXPrW2kNJ_l3qK2nVW5MJDQj7xYGYlW6qZrpk8SgtYLW8NlZ0_8mW7kMf25dzxX02)”

Growth hacking:

The open meeting is held on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday and everyone interested in

Business and Personal Development is welcome!

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