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Agile development for startups:Guide to getting the most from your software team

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Who is this for?

All startups founders and teams looking to gain insights into the Agile and Lean startup methodology.


# Getting the most from your software development team
## A short guide for start ups

There is a well known recipe for managing software development in a startup: Hire smart software developers, put them in a room, leave well alone. Complain like hell when they deliver something late which doesn’t do what you want.

Unfortunately this recipe doesn’t work well. In the corporate world they apply another recipe: Hire some smart analysts, have they write down in exhaustive detail what is wanted. Then hire some cheap programmers and watch them get later and later. Complain like hell when your budget is gone and there is nothing to see.

Making software isn’t like managing other things. Economies of scale don’t apply, what looks faster can often be slower, high quality code is faster than poor quality code, more detail leads to more arguments. Most of this goes by the name of “agile.”

In this presentation Allan Kelly with give a short guide to managing software development teams in a constrained startup environment.

What will you learn?
- What to expect from a modern software team

- And what not to expect

- What standard to hold the team to

(i.e. what do the best teams do)

- How to work with and guide the software team

- How to incorporate feedback

- How to start small and grow big

Speaker profile

Allan Kelly advises teams from many different companies and domains on adopting and deepening Agile practices and development in general. He specialises in working with software product companies and aligning products and processes with company strategy. When he is not with clients he writes far too much.

He is the author of three books:

1. "Xanpan - team centric Agile Software Development"


2. "Business Patterns for Software Developers" and

3. “Changing Software Development: Learning to be Agile”

The originator of Retrospective Dialogue Sheets

( and

a regular conference speaker.

He can be found on Twitter as @allankellynet

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